You, Rediscovered

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In today’s fast-paced, always connected world it’s easy for us to become disconnected.  Distant from our family and friends, disengaged at work and out of touch with what is really important to us.

  • Rediscover your balance
  • Rediscover your passion
  • Rediscover your direction

This 2-day course, run by dedicated and enthusiastic instructors, will allow you to make meaningful changes that have a positive impact on all aspects of your personal and professional life.

You, Rediscovered can be life changing!  Giving you more energy, the ability to focus that energy on what is important to you and the mental toughness to sustain the changes.


This course is aimed at forward thinking organisations and individuals who understand that their employees are a critical resource and that when they are happy and focused the company can thrive.


This course will provide benefits for the participant and the employer.

For the participant:

·       Better health through what you eat and how you move.
·       More energy and enthusiasm to do what is important for you.
·       Better financial awareness.
·       Greater connection with your family and friends.
·       Greater connection with your job.

For the employer:
·       More engaged employees.
·       Improved employee retention.
·       Improve staff attendance.
·       Positive impact on the bottom line.


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £595 + VAT

We are so confident you will love this programme you only pay if you are happy with the course!


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