IEMA Accredited – Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Training

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EIA Training (includes 2017 changes)

IEMA Accredited Training Course

This course designed to improve and enhance your knowledge of the EIA process including its origins, process (both UK and internationally), sector requirements, case law and practical application. The course is tailored to attendees, whether you are a developer, practitioner or regulator, and is undertaken by EIA practitioners with practical experience and real life examples. Bespoke courses for specific groups can be and have been catered for.

The 3-day Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training provides a practical overview of EIA process and its requirements. Completion of the course is based on attendance only. There is a short assessment exercise at the end of the course, but this is just used to consolidate learning.

This high level advanced EIA training course provides a practical overview of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and its requirements and includes the NEW revised EIA Directive.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) systems have become established in both developed and developing countries, usually as a legal requirement of the development control process. This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training course identifies the key stages of the EIA process and provides advice and guidance on managing EIA projects. This course is delivered by EIA professionals that have a wealth of experience managing and contributing to EIA projects. The trainers use case studies from their own experience to illustrate and expand on the content of the course.

We have provided Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) training to a wide range of international clients such as BP, E.On, NPower Renewables and Petronas, as well as many development organisations and local authorities.

Who should attend?

Whether you are an active practitioner or graduate, this course will provide a basis of your knowledge for practical application or enhance your skills.

If you are responsible for managing or contributing to environmental impact assessment projects this course will provide you with a full understanding of the EIA process. If you are responsible for reviewing environmental impact assessments, for example developers and planning officers, the EIA course will equip you with the knowledge to critically review EIA reports. The course is applicable to candidates working in a wide range of sectors including planning, local authority, renewable energy, road, rail, power, urban development, major infrastructure and oil and gas.

The following elements of the EIA process and associated processes will be covered during this course:

Day One – origins of EIA, applications across the world including world bank and developing nations, EC directives and transposed UK EIA regulations including the changes to the new 2017 Regulations especially in devolved governments. Screening and Scoping including case law to be aware about including EIA for demolition.

Day Two – the depths of the environmental statement including how to undertake baseline surveys, use of prediction methods, how to use significance criteria, application of mitigation measures and monitoring regimes.

Day Three – Project management of EIA including best practice applications to the IEMA Quality Mark and how to assess the quality of other ES’s including technical content. Strategic Environmental Assessment. Application of Environmental Management Systems in EIA and SEA.

The atmosphere is a relaxed, informal one with plenty of opportunity to ask questions in a group environment, which allows for a diverse mix of experiences and knowledge from the private and public sectors.

This course covers the EIA process from start to finish and each stage is illustrated with case studies and examples. The course caters for a range of experiences and is ideal if you work with EIA and want to further your understanding of EIA procedure.

The course has been updated to incorporate the new Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 and the NEW revised EIA Directive.

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £1295 + VAT



Advanced Environmental Impact Assessment Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.


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