What you say about us:

“This was the first APS accredited on-line training delivered during the Covid-19 ‘lock-down’. It exceeded all expectations. On-line with a ‘Zoom’ meeting enabled good interaction and home-comforts. The tutor is an exceptional trainer with a superb knowledge of the subject, and still made the attendees feel relaxed and valued. I’m very impressed”.*VIRTUAL* APS CDM – Principal Designer Course – Architect

“The course was exceptional, well run in terms of delivery of information, IT online course but seamless. Very interesting examples of temporary works failures applicable to the businesses we worked in. Break out activities / group examples worked very well and were again well managed by the trainer. Fantastic course, I will recommend to others! Best course I have attended in years!” – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Black & Veatch 

“This course was excellent. Training completed over ZOOM. GREAT!
Trainer was also very knowledgeable in engineering and actually had an engineering background! Many Trainers don’t! – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Supervisor – Project Manager 

“My team really enjoyed the training. They all said it was very good, useful and helped them to understand the WTSR better. I am glad to hear that the entire team passed the exam”. *VIRTUAL” – Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR) – Large Renewable Organisation 

“My first course taken online and I thought it might not be the best way to do the course, however, the course was really well organised with well prepared slides and the trainer delivered an excellent course. The information was really good and made for an enjoyable course” – – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Senior Site Manager.

“The trainer did an excellent job and the training came across very well. It was an enlightening and information packed day” *VIRTUAL” – Microsoft Teams – Scottish Natural Heritage

“This was an online course which achieved the objectives set out from the comfort of my home. This course was excellent we were both impressed” – *VIRTUAL* – NEC3/4 Intro to ECC – Natural Environment Research Council

“The trainers knowledge was excellent and I liked his examples and how he could relate them to every day relatable examples that we could all understand. Coming from different industries and sectors his examples were a common ground. It was handled very well virtually and the engagement worked with his questioning and answering” – *VIRTUAL* – Contract Management – The Pension Regulator 

“Thanks to you all. It was a very good course, it exceeded my expectations, moreover Dr Wenxian, he was really really clear on everything. Hopefully he is involved in more courses, I really enjoy his lectures” – *VIRTUAL* – Design & Analysis of Floating Wind Turbine Structures

” I have to say I have sat many courses over the past 2 years on Teams/Zoom due to covid and that was by far the best. Your ability to share documentation, split rooms works brilliantly” – Virtual Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Vistry Homes

“The trainer informed us this was his first course held remotely via laptops. for this, I think he done an excellent job and has set the bar for future projects – Course was excellent overall”. *VIRTUAL* – Temporary Works Supervisor – Babcock Rail

“I have completed a lot of training recently and this was by far the best course I’ve been on, in terms of presentation, speed of the training, the tutors knowledge and excellent communication which was concise and well delivered. It was easy to follow which I was concerned about as my computer skills are mediocre at best” – *VIRTUAL* – ASTA Powerproject – Vistry Group

“Everything about the course was excellent. The course instructor and contact was great. Very very good”. *VIRTUAL* – MS Project 2016 – Senior Project Manager.

“The trainer covered in depth topics in a relatively short time frame and he was brilliant the course overall was brilliant too” – *VIRTUAL* – Project Management in Primavera P6 – Multinational Civil Engineering Company. 

“The training was very interactive and the tutor was excellent in engaging every course attendee and ensuring that the course content was tailored to each attendees Organisation and Company requirements”. – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Awareness – Kone – H &S Advisor 

“The trainer had a fantastic wealth of experience to draw on as well a spectacular knowledge of the law from both a legal standpoint and a practical standpoint. The course was thoroughly engrossing. it is always a mark of a good course when you are not looking at the time and not once did I feel the need to check the time. The course was entertaining and informative and I can’t say enough good things about it. We fell on our feet with the trainer. Very high quality. Literature and information for the course came in plenty of time. It has really helped increase my knowledge and confidence” – *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Interserve Construction 

“The trainers were passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects they were talking about and a joy to listen to. I could have listened to them for days! They had clear concise ways to get things across, a lot of experience so used great live examples and were passionate about changing things to identify and manage risks in a clearer way going forward. They also encouraged people to get involved, were great listeners to what you had to say and gave great feedback & advice on what anyone said. The group exercises were great fun, all very different scenarios and provided a great opportunity to use what we had learned throughout the day”. – “VIRTUAL” – Design Risk Management – Project Manager / CDM Advisor 

“Our online course went well. It was the first one and the trainer was excellent!” – *VIRTUAL* – Basic Reinforced Concrete Detailing to EC2 Training – 2 Day – Civil & Structural Engineer 

“The level was pitched well and interactive elements with the use of case studies really helped to embed the learning. Presenters were very knowledgeable about consultant, developer and regulator’s involvement/relationship with EIA’s. They were very helpful and encouraging of asking questions”. – *VIRTUAL* – Advanced Environment Impact Assessment” – UK Space Agency 

“The breadth of the trainers knowledge as superb. He was willing to give full explanations to any questions. The course was excellent” – *VIRTUAL* – Slope Stability – Forestry and Land Scotland 

“I thought the course was really good and the trainer did a fantastic job of presenting through MS Teams and using the functions of various bits of software to his advantage”.- *VIRTUAL* – Geotechnical Data for Design – Principal Engineer 

“The course was excellent. Pitched at a good level to appeal to everyone (everyone had a different background/understanding). Very friendly and knowledgeable trainer” – *VIRTUAL* – Principles of Construction Contract – 2 Day- Atkins Global

“Excellent course, probably the most interesting and well delivered virtual session that I have attended over the last 12 months” – *VIRTUAL* – Temporary Works for Designated Individuals and Directors – Enzen

“The course was excellent and the trainer delivered it very well keeping it to a level of understanding that no one was overwhelmed by the detail” – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Accredited – Temporary Works General Awareness – SHEQ Officer

“Training was very good. Very good trainer, content thorough, sensibly structured and well delivered” *VIRTUAL* – Introduction to SharePoint – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

“As with most regulations/legislation based courses they have the tendency to be tedious and boring however this is greatly over come with the trainers down to earth and engaging personality. I felt the way she set up the course was great as it allowed free discussion and interaction. There was also a real duty of care from the trainer as she actively ensured all participants were keeping up with the course and made sure we understood its content. The course and trainer were both excellent”. *VIRTUAL* – CDM Overview – Graduate Engineer

“The trainer was exceptional, extremely well educated on contracts in general. The purpose of the training was to gain knowledge and the trainer gave us a wealth of that. Everything about the course was Excellent”. *VIRTUAL* – JCT Contracts – Director

“It was a great training course and I really enjoyed it. Very comprehensive , lots of content and knowledgeable presenters”. – *VIRTUAL* – Bridge Assessment and Maintenance – Engineer – Local Authority 

“The trainer was a really good presenter, had a good tone, related his own experiences and pitched at the correct level for all to understand.  Everyone felt engaged in the training and there were more questions today as we related the theory into practise which always helps” – *VIRTUAL* – Carbon Management Training – MoD

“Given these unprecedented times the online course & delivery through the Zoom platform worked well and the course content was delivered as good as if you were in a classroom. Hats off  to the Synergie Team for mobilising this so quickly and hopefully we get more of the same courses for our company in 2020 / 2021” – *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Senior Project Manager.

“The trainer was absolutely excellent. Hard to beat a trainer who has real world experiencing in the role. The delivery over Zoom was excellent and very interactive and great to be able to do the course form home saving traveling etc. Very good course and learned a lot. Will be recommending the course to colleagues” –  *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Manager.

“This was one of the best CDM courses I have been on, I feel I came away better equipped to find the information I need within the regulations when I need it in the future rather than being overwhelmed by information presented on the course itself. This course gave me the opportunity to think about and discuss how the regulations relate to the issues I’m currently facing. The trainers presentation style was very engaging, all her examples were very relevant and interesting and the course flew by!” – *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – HS2

“I thought the course was very well delivered and informative and I will certainly recommend this to others”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – CDM Advisor – Architect

“Excellent course overall, Good teacher, even online it was a great course. Will recommend”. *VIRTUAL* – AutoCAD 2D Training – Mine Contracting Company

“Really great course! I just wanted to say that I found the last two days really useful! Thank you so much for teaching us, I feel much more confident with the current ES I’m co-ordinating and hopefully there will be many more to follow!” *VIRTUAL* – Advanced EIA – Senior Planner

“At this point I do not know my result, regardless of the result the trainer was excellent, very good strong delivery and know his topic. The trainer dealt with the virtual course very well”*VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator -Group VQ Assessor & Trainer

“The course tutor could not have been of a higher standard of professional.
It was genuinely fantastic to hear her insights on things and experiences.
I felt that it went through the PD duties very well”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – CDM Advisor

“Everything about the course was excellent. Information was well-presented by knowledgeable and experienced trainer, who shared his experiences, which were gratefully received”. *VIRTUAL” – Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR) – Senior H&S Consultant 

“Firstly thank you for an excellent course . The trainers delivery was excellent and the information was passed across in an informative and easy to understand manner. From my initial phone call the process was professional and seamless. I feel that I have learnt a lot of information that will help us as a company to improve in all aspects of Health and Safety and put as on a better footing moving forward in respect of tendering for future projects and the delivery to our clients , whilst maintaining safe working practices for all of our staff.Along with much more. I got from the course exactly what I wanted . We have a meeting planned with our Senior Management team and operatives to discuss all aspects of the course which I’m sure will be invaluable moving forwards”.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Commercial Plumbers and Heating Engineers

“I really enjoyed the course. It gave me a clearer understanding and the importance of my role in looking after the interests of my business. The trainer delivered it very well” – *VIRTUAL* – NEC Role of the Supervisor – Construction Manager

“Everything about the course was excellent. The training was very interactive, comprehensive,, very well delivered and met my needs. The tutor interspersed the training with issues to which he had encountered and I was able to relate to some of those. All questions raised were give a very good response, clear and concise. Overall a very good training course” – *VIRTUAL” – Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR) – Senior H&S Consultant

“Thank you for the FIDIC training yesterday. It was a very helpful and informative day! The session received very good feedback from my colleagues also”. *VIRTUAL* – Closed Company FIDIC Course – Large Renewable Organisation 

“Highly informative and well put by excellent trainer. 10 out of 10 well done!” – Virtual – CITB Temporary Works Supervisor – Supervisor 

“It was a rather fascinating course and likewise for the industry knowledge and examples that the trainer provided to show CDM in practice, it was most useful in understanding the lengthy regulations which are involved for each duty holder”.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Knight Frank

“Trainer was excellent. Clearly delivered, Carefully planned and good examples” – Virtual – ASTA Power Project – Design & Planning Manager

“The course content was very relevant and useful and the trainer very patience and helpful too. It was an enjoyable course and I learnt a lot from it” *VIRTUAL* – SketchUp – Rendering with LightUp – Designer  

“Everything about this course was excellent. At this difficult time for everyone, a really fantastic effort gone into this to make it viable remotely and still easy to follow, keep everyone participating and interested. Great job by the trainer on delivery in what I would think are difficult and new circumstances. Really well organised, I had no issues at all with the quality of image, videos ,audio etc. *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Morgan Sindall 

“The trainer is very well skilled. You can tell she’s got a lot of experience on the field and she knows what she is talking about. She encouraged us to participate all the time and respected the different levels of knowledge on the group.  The practical examples were very useful and the exercises carried out on the course were very important to retain the information.
Time management was excellent, respecting the starting time, giving breaks and returning from the breaks on time. The material is very rich. And very good to receive complementary material after the completion of the course”. – *VIRTUAL* – Advanced EIA – QHSE Manager

“The asbestos awareness training was really interesting and informative.  The course content was just right and delivered at an appropriate pace.  The mix of presentation and interaction was spot on.  I would recommend the course to anyone who has a need to understand more about the risks associated with asbestos”. – *VIRTUAL* – Asbestos Awareness – Director  

“I was very surprised by the quality of the training particularly as it was delivered through ZOOM. At no point did I feel I was not part of the discussions I thought the experience and result was as good as classroom training if not better. As its less disruptive in terms of travel and time and I felt more relaxed as its conducted within your own comfort zone. I thought the course tutor was very professional informative and had a wealth of practical experience to bring the discussions to life. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the course or enrolling on anther course in the future”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Senior H&S Consultant 

“The course was excellent. It was delivered over Zoom as a distance training course, this is relatively new way of learning and I feel the trainer altered the content and delivery to suit perfectly”. *VIRTUAL* – CDM Overview – H&S Advisor 

“The trainer was excellent as was the course and it was very well presented” – *VIRTUAL* – Wellbeing in the Workplace – Civil Engineer

“The trainer and the course was excellent. My first ever virtual course through Zoom, even though I was not sure how this would go I think it worked well and we were able to cover everything required. *VIRTUAL* – CITB Temporary Works Supervisor – Design Co-Ordinator

The trainer was a breath of fresh air, detailing and sharing her extensive knowledge of CDM, H&S and other relevant topics. The course was enlightening, delivered exceptionally, and honestly gave me a spring in my step about the new challenges ahead. One of the things I will take to heart and implement across our projects, is the emphasis the trainer outlined about collaboration and the need for this to drive success. A very powerful message, thank you.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course -National Installation Manager

“The fact that the whole group were engaged throughout the 1.5 days. I didn’t notice concentration waning for anyone and, in this group, there was a range of procurement staff from a process adviser to Senior BP. It was impressive that the trainer held everyone’s attention, kept everyone involved, and imparted his knowledge clearly and without jargon or complex examples. Additional, the technique of bringing us back to earlier examples and earlier conversations as well as his focus on individuals ensured engagement from the group. The trainers relaxed approach and conversational style were absolutely ideal for the length of the course and subject matter than can be rather dry. “VIRTUAL* – Contract Management – Senior Procurement Business Partner

“I would highly recommend this course to ever single person working in construction industry. All duty holders should be aware of their duties in order to develop safe workspace and deliver good quality projects. Examples of different kinds of situations given throughout the course had been the most helpful” –  *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Telecoms Design Company

“Training was undertaken online via zoom. I have attended a few online courses now due to Covid and was most impressed how the trainer managed to portray group interaction, keep the delivery light and varied with good use of chat, slides and video as well as a personal touch regards to questions. This course was excellent” – *VIRTUAL*CITB Accredited – Temporary Works General Awareness – Site Manager

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and the course was everything I expected and more. Thanks again” – *VIRTUAL* – Eurocodes 2 for Bridge Designers” – Amey

“The trainers knowledge was excellent. Received some excellent pointers and advice on construction and writing of technical reports” – *VIRTUAL* – Technical Report Writing – Project Manager 

“The trainer was brilliant, her knowledge and experience was fantastic, she knew her way round the regulations and showed how it cross-referenced itself as a robust document. I liked her manner, she was friendly, witty and was well organised. She was thought provoking and I have gone away to develop a plan to plan (DMP) and a designer’s option list. Throughout the course she provided clear explanations using relevant examples that were also very interesting with an underlying message on how to learn from them. Although I am not always comfortable with group work and break-outs, they were used effectively but not over-used as a filler. I did enjoy listening to my peer’s presentations and sharing best practice which I found beneficial. I feel more confident in my role and completing the course is very timely as I have been asked to review the role, processes etc at work and we are just about to start work with a tier 1 contractor”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Principal Designer

“I chose Synergie as they came recommended. They were extremely helpful prior to booking my course, in that they answered all my questions and confirmed the benefits of the course. he course leader, was knowledgeable and catered to each and everyone of us on the course. He provided a systematic structure which enabled me to pass the exam. I enjoyed that he involved the delegates to draw examples and past experiences. As much as the course was done virtually, he was approachable and I believe the remote training did not hinder this course. I would recommend Synerige and the trainer to anyone and I will be considering other courses in the near future”. *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – HSE Inspector 

“There was a good balance between listening and taking part in activities. The trainer was an engaging trainer to listen to and kept the content interesting. It was a really enjoyable and worthwhile course, particularly in the current climate” – *VIRTUAL* – Wellbeing in the Workplace – Director

“Trainer was keen to engage all members of the group which made learning the topic easier. Also, I felt there was little to no disadvantage to the course being held on-line vs. the conventional in-person classroom environment, again thanks to the trainer. The trainer also supplemented the course material with suggestions of groups in industry who could assist each of the course participants. I would recommend this course to others and I will continue to consider Synergie for my / colleagues training needs.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Principal Designer- Atkins Global

“The whole on line experience was excellent, far better and I assume less costly to companies. The Trainer and structure was excellent” – *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Senior Project Manager

“I was really pleased with this course and have recommended it to colleagues. I thought we had a great trainer, with a balance of strong communication skills and a deep understanding and background in the subject area. The course has helped me get a much better understanding of CDM and I now feel in a better position promote CDM within my organisation’s working practices” .*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Principal Designer- Sustrans

“The trainer was exceptional and managed to keep the group engaged throughout which I’m sure must be difficult on Zoom sessions. The course was well structured and went at a good pace”. – *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Project Manager

“The Trainer, delivered a very interesting and fact filled course. it was my first Online training course. I found it to be relaxed and all the information was delivered in a professional way. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. It cannot be easy to deliver a course like this Online.
All the information was delivered in a easy to understand format, and was encouraged to take part in discussions”. *VIRTUAL*  – CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Site Manager

“The course was very well structured and the instructor was exceptional and made the learning process of what can be a daunting subject extremely easy. I would definitely recommend both the company and instructor for any future training required” *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Director – H&S Company

“Highly competent trainer who had an organised structured training plan. Very good at reviewing and reiterating works covered to ensure that all individuals kept up with the course. I really appreciate when courses actually are given by individuals that clearly believe in the courses they are providing” – *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Engineering Manager – Babcock

“The trainer is a very good speaker with many valuable lessons learned to share. Great handouts and course content generally very good” – *VIRTUAL* – Chemical Plant Commissioning Training – Process Engineer 

“The best thing about the course was how informative the trainer was and how well she explained the course content in a respectful and clear manner and how comfortable she made you feel. On the whole the course was carried out in a clear and concise manner to a high professional standard. The trainer is a credit to Synergie. Excellent” – *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Balfour Beatty

“The trainer was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Even though the course was on Zoom it worked fantastically well. We were given adequate breaks and we were even divided into groups on Zoom that allowed us to complete group exercises. Everything was excellent” – *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Project Manager

“Given this was online training, I was surprised to find the course extremely engaging and well presented and thank fully not just an endless reel of powerpoint slides. Well done Liz! Truly passionate about what you do which is so refreshing”.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course

“Overall the online course was much more successful than I expected. The format did not detract from the usual benefits gained when in a physical meeting with other people. Interaction between us all still worked very well. Liz was an excellent presenter. Could not wish for anyone better qualified or with more relevant experience”..*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Yorkshire Water

“Really enjoyed the interaction and the experience and relevant real life examples to tie the regulations and laws in to the real world . would recommend Liz to anyone and would welcome carrying out another course with her as the instructor”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Derwent London

“The balance between course work learning in a group environment and the break out small work groups to discuss practical examples – i.e.. allowing the theory to be put into practice – this definitely benefited the learning experience. Also the use of zoom as a remote leaning medium was excellent – I found that the learning process was not effected by everyone’s individual access and would even say it was better than previous training I have experienced in a physical class environment – all information presented was very clear and easy to access. *VIRTUAL*CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator – Project Manager – Engie

“I can’t speak highly enough of how strongly the trainer delivered the course – Magnificent course – which I found very useful. The trainers positivity and enthusiasm was a joy and made the course all the more engaging and enjoyable”.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Sustrans

“The Course was well presented and very informative. The trainer had a wide range of industry experience and included real life examples to illustrate the topics being discussed. The course covered a wide range of topics that provided a very good overview of the subject. There was also a thorough review of the regulations and responsibilities for the PD role. The discussion forums also helped to provide valuable input from the members of the course and allowed a useful exchange of ideas and views.
Altogether the course was extremely informative and engaging. I would recommend to others wishing to gain a good knowledge of the role”. *VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Project Manager

“This was a really good course. The trainer was highly knowledgeable and her delivery was informative and interesting. It provided a very detailed look at CDM and the regulations whilst also maintaining a practical and realistic view of how to manage responsibilities. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought that the trainer was inspirational”.*VIRTUAL*APS CDM  – Principal Designer Course – Manchester City Council

“I would like to thank you for the course.  It was above my expectations.”
Advanced EIA Training

“Excellent trainer who brought the subject to life.  Lots of real life experience that helped understand the topic.”
CDM2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – Historic Environment

“Well paced, small group, good quality refreshments and information freely avaiable.”
MS Power BI Introduction – University of Higlands and Islands

“Trainer was enthusiastic and very knowledgable.”
Wind Turbine Safety Rules – Statkraft

“Very informative, engaging and we were well looked after.”
CDM 2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – Natual Power

“The interactive app was great to encourage participation.  Really good use of handouts and documentation to allow us to see, use and undertand how all of the subjects spoken about are applied in real life.”
The Contractor’s Role in Managing NEC3 ECC Contracts – Nicol of Skene

“The trainer was knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive.  The food was fantastic!”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course – Places for People

“The course helped me to clarify some missed information of the Eurocode which was difficult for me to find by myself.  The course also gave a very clear way (step by step) for carrying out each part of required calculations.  The course is directly related to the design jobs in my daily work.”
Eurocode 3 – Sparrows Group

“The level of knowledge and expertise from the trainer was excellent.  The best ting about the training was having a full range of material in front of you i.e. workbook, CDM regulations and guidance to refer to and it was all explained in a practical way.”
CDM2015 for Designers – Pick Everard

“Engaging trainer who knew the subject well and explained things clearly.”
NEC3/4 ECSC Compensation Events Workshop – Ayrshire Roads Alliance

“Instructor very knowledgeable with excellent pace and made it interesting.”
CDM2015 Overview – Premtech Limited

“Explanation of complex legislation in very simple and understanding ways.”
CDM2015 for Designers – Pick Everard

“Trainers industry knowledge and references were excellent.  Good depth, detail and explanation.  Relevant to my day to day work.”
MF/1 – GP Strategies Limited

“The trainer was knowledgeable and interesting to listen to and provided a great course.”
CDM2015 Overview – Haringey Council 

“The patience, level and expertise of the trainer was excellent.”
Civil 3D – Wills Bros Civil Engineering

“The course was relevant and relatable to my role.  The key messages were presented in a manner which made the easy to understand.  Not too wordy and good examples given to reinforce information presented.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course – Robertson Construction

“The trainer was interesting and engaging.  The course was delivered well and matched the level of experience in the room.”
Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course – Mac-Exteriors Ltd

“Synergie Training Ltd have successfully delivered an extensive programme of CDM 2015 Training to Nottingham City Council.  The tailored courses (covering the roles of the Client, Designer and Principal Designer). Other courses delivered included, Temporary Works Designer, Temporary Co-Ordinator and Temporary Works Supervisor. Feedback from delegates in relation to the Courses and the Trainers was rated between Very Good and Excellent, with all three Trainers found to be extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and professional.”
John Curry CDM Health & Safety Manager – Nottingham City Council

“It was an excellent course. Thank you for assisting us in supplying the course”.
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Highway Drainage System – Kent County Council

“The trainer had excellent knowledge base, the fact that he practices NEC rather than just teaching it.  The delivery and pace were fantastic.”
Preparing & Managing NEC3 ECC & PSC Contracts – Hull University Teaching Hospital

“The trainer made the course fund and enjoyable and I learnt a new knowledge.”
Minute Taking Skills – NHS

“The course content was interesting and taught with enthusiasm.”
Nick Shaw – Black & Veatch

“The trainers level of knowledge was fantastic and the way the course was delivered was first class and very interactive.”
MS Project 2016

“The course was really well presented and I enjoyed the group work carried out on the design risk assessment.”
CDM2015 The Role of the Principal Designer – Murphy Group

“The course was clear and worked across various backgrounds and we all got what we wanted from the 2 days.”
CDM2015 The Role of the Principal Designer – WD Harley

“The trainers experience shines through and can identify with the topics covered.  Infectious training style and found the course easy to take in.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course – Keltbray

“The course was delivered extremely well by the trainer who kept it interesting and everyone engaged.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course – Nottingham City Council

“The training was highly relevant to a current project.  This enabled a very constructive discussion on the topic.”
MF/1 – DSP Construction Management

“Trainer had excelled knowledge and gave plenty of real life examples.  The logical and progressive approach of the course was excellent”.
Advanced EIA Training – Meridiam

“The trainer could not have been more knowledgeable or inclusive.  The workbook is user friendly and easy to follow.”
SBCC – Argyll & Bute Council

“Excellent course which provided everything and more than I expected.  Superb delivery by a wonderful trainer!”
CDM2015 The Role of the Principal Designer – Qualitech Environmental Services

“The best training I have attended so far due to the tutor being very knowledgeable and having amazing teaching skill, he made the course very satisfying.
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC) – CDM Scotland

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and conducted the course perfectly.  For the first time on a training course I wasn’t bored.  Venue and refreshments were also 10/10, I would recommend this course to anyone.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC) – Clark Contracts

“expert knowledge on the subject and the trainer provided many examples of his own onsite experiences.  Kept content interesting.”
Ensuring Asphalt Sustainability & Durability – Aberdeen City Council

“the practical work was the best thing about the training, a good understanding gained”.
Hop-Up and Hand Rails – Springfield

“Interactive Course with good use of examples.  Very knowledgeable trainer and an excellent venue.”
CDM2015 Overview – Sustrans

“Industry knowledge by the Trainer was excellent.  Great understanding of Temporary Works gained.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC) – Create Construction Ltd

“Gained a good understanding on how to use Civil3D and where it will be useful in our field of work.  Very knowledgeable trainer and all questions were answered.”
AutoCAD Civil 3D – R J McLeod

“Good content useful for current projects.  Enjoyed the interactive poll and exercises.”
Understanding NEC3/4 ECC Contracts – Morrison Construction

“Great delivery and handouts.  The venue and trainer were excellent.”
Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Babcock

“Good interactive sessions, well delivered with everyone able to get involved.  Interesting course which related well to work.”
Pavement Design  using the DMRB – Ringway Jacobs

“The Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  Excellent venue and facilities.”
Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR) – RenewableUK – AAT Wind Energy

“Friendly environment, ration of trainer to delegate, rich experience of the trainer, real EIA cases, supportive materials, after course service and advice.”
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Higher College of Technology

“Interactive course with very informative case studies.”
Confined Space Entry – AOC Archaeology

“Course content and knowledge of trainer was outstanding.  Very informative and enjoyable.  Pace of course was very good.  Plenty of opportunity to participate.  Good use of examples from business and own/real life experience to demonstrate elements of the course.  Good use of humour.”
 Introduction to Contract Management – Loreburn Housing Association

The best thing was the knowledge the trainer had and the ability to give clear case studies for better understanding of a situation.  He has the ability to cater to all levels of the profession, without assuming what our existing knowledge was”.
CDM 2015 Customised Course – BLDA Architects

“Synergie Training Ltd have successfully delivered an extensive programme of CDM 2015 Training to the City of Edinburgh Council.  The tailored courses (covering the roles of the Client, Designer and Principal Designer) were delivered to 88 Transport staff by Pat Ferris and Liz Bennett.  Feedback from delegates in relation to the Courses and the Trainers was rated between Very Good and Excellent, with both Trainers found to be extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and professional.”
Alan Simpson,  Street Lighting & Traffic Signals Infrastructure Manager, City of Edinburgh Council

“Clear explanation for safe work practices”.
Cuplok System Scaffold Course – Alfre Flett Ltd

“The trainer is very knowledgeable and explained the contract well.  The discussions were tailored towards our bespoke group”.

“Trainer had excellent knowledge of the software and gave lots of useful tips for using it.”
AutoCAD 2D Foundation – Aberdeenshire Council

“Great examples given with good control of class.  The trainer had a wealth of knowledge, enjoyed the class”.
CDM 2015 The Role of Principal Designer – Richmond & Wandsworth Council

“Amazingly delivered course with very relevant anecdotes and examples”.
CDM 2015 The Role of Principal Designer – Furrer & Frey

“Friendly atmosphere and was encouraged to be an active participant.  Enjoyed learning new techniques to try”.
Minute Taking Skills – NHS Lothian

“Information broken down into easily understandable concepts.  Good pace, clear communication, technically strong.  The trainer brought good humour to keep interest.  Very positive interaction and delivery”.
CDM 2015 Designers – Pick Everard

“It was interesting to learn the correct procedures and information on new products”.
Scaffolding Appreciation and Inspection – THS Building Services

“The course was made as interactive as possible and the knowledge of the trainer was excellent”.
Preparing & Managing NEC3/4 Short Contracts – Scotland Excel

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail.  The best thing about the training was understanding in depth about CDM and how it ties in with my current work”.
CDM Overview – P2ML

“Engaging and well paced.  The venue and refreshments were better than expected too”.
Microsoft Project 2016 – NHS Highland

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the course and the subject”.
Best Practice in Asphalts – HGA (UK) Ltd

“The trainer was excellent and his knowledge was amazing.  I would have no problem recommending the trainer or the venue to others”.

“Very interesting course which was very relevant to what we do onsite. The trainer had great knowledge and all our questions were discussed and the concepts clearly explained.”
Temporary Works Technical Awareness – GetJar

“Trainer was very knowledgeable.  Examples were clear and easy to follow.  Can relate to own projects”.
Microsoft Project 2013 – WSP

“Excellent in depth knowledge of the trainer, along with his years of experience”.
Best Practice in Asphalts – the Highland Council

“Easy to follow, simple and clear course content.  I actually felt like I had learnt a lot.”
Microsoft Excel Level 1 – Royal Dornoch Golf Club

“The location was excellent, the catering and facilities were fantastic”.

“Practical exercises during the course and the Tutor’s in-dept knowledge and experience was the best thing about the training.  The venue and refreshments were excellent.”
Bills of Quantites for Highway Works – RJ MacLeod

“Information was relevant and trainer was very knowledgeable and has a very easy going manner”.
NEC3 ECC Programme Workshop – Motherwell Bridge

“Made a very complex subject very accessible.  Gave clear ideas on how to approach regulations.”
CDM 2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – Design Buro

“Informative information on how to handle and deal with conflict.  I now have a better understanding of my role in a situation that may result in conflict and what I can do to deescalate the situation”.
Managing Conflict in the Workplace – North Ayrshire Council 

“Trainer clearly very experienced and knowledgeable.  Great training venue, hope to use it again in the future.”
Adobe Photoshop – Historic Environmental Scotland

“Interesting an enjoyable course.  The trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject”.
The Principles of the NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract – Glasgow City Council

“The trainer had lots of experience in industry relative to the course subjects.  He definitely knew what he was talking about and gave very useful information”.
Temporary Works Design Above Ground – Alan White Design

“Very knowledgeable and experienced trainer – encouraged a positive contribution between both parties at course with relaxed and non-confrontational manner”.
NEC3 Engineering & Construction Contract – Project Workshop – The Highland Council

“Very useful interesting and engaging course presentation.  Flexibility of content and delivery was welcome and appropriate to the knowledge level of the attendees”.
CDM 2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – L & Q Group

“Enjoyed the training with a very knowledgeable trainer.  Well presented course with great feedback”.
Temporary Works Coordinator Training Course – Miller Homes

“Feedback from the delegates that attended the training course, they all said how knowledgeable the trainer was and what a fantastic course it was. Thank you!”.
Best use of Asphalts for Optimum and Asset Management – Eurovia Vinci

“The trainer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, clearly an expert in his field.  Hopefully he can make a return visit for other colleagues”.
Best use of Asphalts for Optimum and Asset Management – Island Roads

“Really enjoyed the trainers enthusiasm and interesting stories to break the session up, her knowledge of CDM is impeccable and for somebody that gets bored easily I found it very interesting indeed”.
CDM 2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – Linden Homes

“An excellend course which initially covered the roles and responsibilities detailed in the regulations specific to our company procedures.  Highly commended!”
CDM 2015 – The Role of Principal Designer – Linden Homes

“The course met all of its objectives and the trainer was excellent. All our questions / problems were answered and we were all actively encourage to participate. The trainer also tailored the course exactly to our needs.”
AutoCAD 2D – Historic Environment Scotland

“The trainer was highly knowledgeable with a lot of experience on the subject matter. The course met all our objectives and was interesting and enjoyable”
Navisworks – RJ McLeod

“The trainer was excellent as was the course. The best thing about the course was the explanation of the philosophy / process of BIM and the practical use of the software”
Navisworks – RJ McLeod

“Everything about the course was great from the venue to the trainer to the materials”.
CITB Accredited Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Robertson Homes

“Brought the subject up to date and was presented in a manner that differing grades/expertise could easily understand”.
CITB Accredited Temporary WorksCo-ordinator – Farran Construction

“A very good course, a credit to the course tutor and a good knowledge gained”.
CITB Accredited Temporary Works General Awareness – Linden Homes

“The trainer had an excellent knowledge of the subject.  The course is relevant to the work my company undertakes.  Explains all the relevant regulations which should be adhered to.  I gained a lot of information relevant to my work”.
CITB Accredited Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL)

“Well rounded course, well presented, relevant and up to date with the industry best practices”.
CITB Accredited Temporary Works Co-ordinator – Carey Civil Engineering

“This temporary works course is probably one of the best courses I have attended to date and held my attention from start to finish. The course tutor must be commended for the professional way he conducted the course and made everything so easy to understand. On a personal basis my objective prior to attending the course has been well exceeded and this is down to the course content and how it was put across”.
CITB Accredited Temporary Works Co-ordinator – National Construction Company

“Synergie Training delivered the APS Accredited Role of the Principal Designer under CDM 2015 onsite for our company. This course was delivered by Pat Ferris whose knowledge and delivery was excellent. We have already recommended Synergie Training and Pat to other companies in our industry”. CDM 2015 APS Accredited Principal Designer – Premtech

“I just wanted to express my many thanks for another excellent NEC course. It was well received by all who attended and the feedback I got particularly praised the trainer’s splendid delivery”.
NEC3 – MoD

“My colleagues found last week’s course invaluable and all benefited from the trainers wealth of knowledge on the subject”.CDM 2015 – Interior Design Company

“Everything about this course was Excellent and the best thing about the course was the opportunity to be hands on, Excellent Trainer!” Office 365 & SharePoint – NHS

“Very knowledgeable Trainer and pleasant style. Excellent knowledge of the subject and we were all encouraged to actively participate”. – Office 365

“The best thing about the training was the opportunity to be hands on. Excellent trainer” – Sharepoint

“This course is delivered in an interesting manner by very experienced people allowing plenty of individual comment and questions. Excellent” – Managing Construction Projects – Project Manager – Local Authority 

“The Eurocode courses that we have received from Synergie over the past year have all been of a very high standard with the quality of the presenters always being of the highest calibre both technically and as a deliverer of knowledge.  From an administrators point of view, the Synergie team have always been quick to respond and this excellent service has always ensured that the courses run smoothly and without any problems.  Overall Synergie have provided a superb set of courses” – Eurocode Roll-out – 0,1,2,3,5,6 & 7 Training – Scott White and Hookins

The course was excellent in structure all objectives were met. Engaging presenter related scenarios to real life projects”. NEC3 Programme Workshop – Quantity Surveyor – Large Construction Company 

“The course was most enjoyable. I’ve done the CISRS Course before which was solely on Tube & Fitting and wasn’t much good to anyone on the course as we all used Systems Scaffolds. Whereas your course gave us in insight into all types of scaffolds. I particularly enjoyed the practical on day 2, putting up a scaffold working to SG4:15 under your trainer’s supervision as it gave us knowledge on how scaffolders should be erecting under SG4:15. You’re trainer made the course fun and I would highly recommend the course to my colleagues”.Scaffold Inspection & Appreciation – Construction Company

“The Trainer was excellent! Everything was pitched at the right level and if understanding wasn’t coming, he would happily discuss until it sank in”
CDM 2015 – SSE

“The training was very good as was the trainer and my key objectives were met and surpassed expectations. Well presented and informative, good job!”
Microsoft SharePoint – NHS

“Trainer – Excellent. A really useful day with a good mix of people which created plenty of discussion” – NEC3 Project Team Contract Workshop – Commercial Manager – Large Construction Company 

“It was not what I expected but was much better! I learned a great deal and the trainer was a very engaging educator”.
Sustainable Urban Highway Drainage Systems for Scotland – Large Scottish Council

“The course objectives were clear and the course was very easy to follow whilst also being interesting and enjoyable. The trainer had excellent knowledge of the subject and a good training manner. Well structured course”.
Health & Safety in Temporary Works – Mansell Balfour Beatty

“I thought the trainer was very good indeed, professional, engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Very pleased that the course had wide enough scope and the trainer had sufficient knowledge and experience to meet my main objectives. Just to record my thanks to the trainer and others who made it a pleasant experience”.
SQL Server  – Perth College

“Our objectives were met and the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The course was also very relevant and highly useful”
CDM Overview – Scottish Power

“Excellent easy to follow course which met our objectives. Really good pace, good group and a great balance – great materials / hand-outs”
ISEB Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) –  Local Authority

“The objectives were clear and the best thing about the course was the wealth of case studies and devils advocacy of the trainer to generate debate plus of course the trainers knowledge, expertise and manner”
Commercial and Contractual Awareness – RDS Oil

“The trainer was superb. He knew the subject inside out and was very patient. All in all one of the best training experiences I have had in my working career”.
AutoCAD 2D – Scottish Council

“The course, trainer and venue were excellent – The main thing about Synergie Training is its professional quality service, I wouldn’t have a changed a thing about the course”.
VM Ware Install and Configure – UHI

“Course structure excellent, objectives met, interesting and enjoyable and we were encouraged to participate. Overall great”
NEC3 Compensation Events Workshop – Scottish Water

“Excellent Course – clear and concise and trainer superb! – Can’t fault course or presentation! – Keep up the good work – Very professional and slick operation!”
JavaScript – Fujitsu

“Our objectives were met and the course was interesting and enjoyable. The best thing about the course was the trainer and the materials provided and the workshop problems kept me interested and provided me with confidence in complex theories.
Concrete Design – Tullow Oil

“We have had good experiences with Synergie Training in the past and this course was excellent! The trainer is very knowledgeable and a excellent teacher which meant the concepts and techniques were very well explained ”
MS6293 – Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise – Orkney College

“The trainer was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humour. The course itself was excellent and I would definitely recommend, also very relevant, thanks!”.
Pavement Design using the DMRB – BEAR Scotland

“This course was delivered brilliantly and covered pace with the correct amount of info. The best part of the course was the confidence it has given me to speak in front of people and to plan and deliver a training session. Great subject and great delivery”
Train the Trainer – SERCO

“The training and trainer were excellent – all my objectives were met and the course was very useful and covered many many aspects of Citrix – Very enjoyable course”.
Citrix  – The Northern Constabulary

“The course was very easy to follow and interesting and enjoyable. The best thing for me about the training was the practical sessions and sample materials”
Soil Description in Accordance with EC7 – Aberdeenshire Council

“This course was recommended to us and the objectives were very clear and relevant to our work. The trainer had an excellent knowledge of the subject and the course was extremely practical rather than theory based”
Specifying and using asphalts to achieve maximum durability with Jeff Farrington – Local Authority

“The training and trainer were excellent. Well structured and read course and the trainer was a friendly character always willing to help out and clarify process and all my key objectives were successfully met”
Crystal Reports – Deer Commission Scotland

“The course content was excellent as was the course notes and venue! – The trainer was excellent too and knows his subject!”
NEC3 Programming Workshop – Local Authority

“The course, trainer and venue were all excellent! – Trainer was very clear in describing processes in different ways to suit all needs”. MS Project – NHS

“The structure of the course was excellent and a full explanation of each part of the course was received. Presented by a very knowledgeable trainer, excellent!”
Contractual Awareness – National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

“The course was very good as was the trainer – the practical aspects and group discussions and feedback were great and it was an enjoyable day” Introduction to Project Management – Highlands & Islands Enterprise

“This course was excellent and it was nice to have a written assessment instead of multiply choice as it made you think more. The trainers knowledge was excellent and the facility was good as it was a working scaffolding yard and all the staff were friendly and helpful, all in all good all round course”. Scaffold Inspection – D.S.R.L

“The whole course was of value and gave an excellent insight to how powerful a programme Primavera is. Good quality course with excellent instructor who answered all questions asked. The training facility was great as was the effectiveness of the training material!” Primavera

The course this week was great and the tutor was excellent. The best thing about the course was the knowledge & examples from the trainers experience and his clarity of delivery”.Project Management in Primavera P6 – Subsea 7

“All the objectives were met and the tutor made it very interactive and was happy to go over what we needed again to help our understanding. All our questions and problems were discussed, excellent” – Primavera Schedule Risk Training – Saipem 

“This course was very relevant to my work so it was great that the objectives were clear and fully met. The course was also easy to follow and structured in a logical way. The trainer was lively and very experienced”. ITIL V3 Foundation – Local Authority

“Everything about this course was excellent, from the actual course through to the venue. The trainer was also excellent and was a very nice person with huge knowledge who helped me a lot, you couldn’t improve anything about this course”
PRINCE2 – The Hydro Group

“I really enjoyed the trainer’s styles of delivery. They were both clearly very knowledgeable on the subject and delivered the course with energy and enthusiasm. A worthwhile and enjoyable day – thank you!”
SNH – Advanced Facilitation

CDM 2015 APS Accredited Principal Designer Training

“Just want to say what a great tutor Pat was. The way he presents the course is great and really engaged everyone. I will be recommending Synergie Training for all CDM training” – RLB

“Excellent handouts and visual presentation, all objectives were met and the way the trainer communicated was excellent” – Siemens

“I really enjoyed the course and Pat was an excellent trainer. I will certainly pass on your details to any more of my staff who are needing/looking for this training” – British Gas

“I can honestly say the CDM course was one of the best training courses I have attended in my career and the trainer was superb and one of the most knowledgeable guys I have met involved with CDM” – Lead Designer, South Tyneside Homes

“I, as many others on the course felt the course was very informative and well constructed, CDM can be a dry subject to convey and Pat did an excellent job in explaining it to us. Just to say well done to Pat and you for providing this course, one of the most professional I have been on.” – Large Housing Association – Onsite Course

“The group involvement, discussions and tasks were excellent. The trainer’s knowledge and views are interesting and very useful” – Faithful & Gould

“Excellent Presentation Style and depth of knowledge” – Principal Engineer – Water

“Excellent handouts, the course content was good as was the worked examples” – Architect

“Excellent handouts and visual presentation, all my objectives were met and the way the trainer communicated was excellent” – AECOM

“Enjoyed the training greatly and feel as I have clarified some (if not all) any queries in relation to adopting within the workplace / the best things about the course was the quality of information and trainers enthusiasm. More of the same please!” – Housing Group – Onsite

“Great delivery and understanding of course by the trainer. Refreshing to hear regs challenged, encouraged me to think more about questioning / what is being required” – HSE & Project Co-ordinator – Renewable Sector.

“Excellent handouts and visual presentation, all objectives were met and the way the trainer communicated was excellent” – FM – Large Bank

“Very enthusiastic presenter, good ability to convey a dry subject matter” – Technical Director – Building Consultants.

“The history and background of CDM / Safety was good and the emphasis on guiding principles was also very good” – Babcock

“Excellent handouts and visual presentation, all objectives were met and the way the trainer communicated was excellent” – Lead PM – SSE Rail

“Great examples and real situations – really helpful in taking into the real world of construction” – Architect

“The course was very enjoyable and the course tutor was a very experienced and knowledgeable guy” – The Purvis Group

“Pat was very good and more practical than many tutors. The industry could be doing with more of that approach” – Building & Surveying Sector

“Please pass on my thanks to Pat for all his support and advice during the course. Also for making it an interesting and enjoyable experience” – Project Manager – Construction

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend yourselves to colleagues, and would indeed attend further courses with you” – H&S

“It was a good course, very good course tutor too, with a vast amount of knowledge and practical experience” – Mechanical, Electrical and public health (MEP) consulting engineers.

“It was a really enjoyable course, and it was great to have Pat as a trainer – he has such in-depth knowledge of the regulations, and clear passion for the subject, and crammed every minute with useful information!” – Consultant

“The course achieved its stated objectives and my own personal objectives (excellent). The trainer and the handouts were also excellent” – HSSE Manager – Artelia Group

“Great tutor, enjoyable course, very informative and would definitely recommended the course to my colleagues” – H&S Consultant

“I thought the content and presentation of the course was excellent” – Architect & Design Manager

“Thank you again for a very well delivered course. I genuinely am amazed how the trainer kept everybody’s attention for two full days considering. I genuinely meant what I said that he is one of the best, if not the best, course invigilators/deliverers I have ever met” – Project Manger

“Presenter very engaging and enjoys subject area which helps to convey info. The presenter was also very knowledgeable” – Associate Director – Building Surveyors

“The course was very thought provoking and the lecturer the best I’ve come across. Please pass on my gratitude onto him” – Project Manager

CDM 2015 Roll-out Training

“We selected Synergie Training to deliver CDM2015 Principal Designer, Contract and Client training along with several customised courses for our Construction Services staff. Over the last year they have provided us with professional training. Their expertise, flexibility and support in delivering bespoke training to meet our needs along with their consultancy guidance on our review and revision of our Policy and Procedures has been excellent. They are a valued supplier, who we would contract again and would have no hesitation in recommending them” – West Lothian Council

“Through Synergie Training, their lead trainer delivered CDM 2015 training to all Transport and Roads staff (100 staff) within the City of Edinburgh Council. The courses were tailored and rolled out for Principal Designer, Overview, Safety through design and CDM for contractors. All sessions were delivered by Pat who was found to be very knowledgeable, accommodating and professional.- Edinburgh City Council

“We have used Synergie training to deliver CDM2015 training both in 2016 and earlier in 2017. These were in-house courses tailored for Clients, Principal Designers, Designers and Supervisors/ Inspectors delivered by their lead CDM trainer on behalf of Synergie. His style of presenting conveys what could be a dry subject in an engaging way with humour yet with the gravitas that CDM requires. His depth of knowledge soon becomes evident. The support the Synergie staff give is also worth noting – helpful, efficient and flexible. Over recent years they have provided us with courses for NEC3 and various Eurocode modules – all to the same high standard” – Moray Council