Introduction to NEC3/4 Engineering & Construction Contract – Introductory

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NEC3 & NEC4 Engineering & Construction Contract Training

Key elements

  • Provides an introductory level overview of the NEC3/4 suite of contracts and the NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) in more detail
  • Explanation of the core and option (A-F, W, X, Y, Z) clauses
  • Contract preparation – how to write Scope, Site information and Contract Data
  • Contract management – managing the key processes including early warnings, design, programme, quality/defects, payment, compensation events
  • Main changes from NEC3 to NEC4

Recommended for

  • Those who have just started working, or are about to start working, on NEC ECC contracts.
  • Staff with professional role as project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, planners, contractors and their supply chain.
  • Graduates who want to build on their theoretical knowledge with an understanding of how the NEC EC contract works in practice.

You will learn about:

  • the philosophy and commonality amongst all the contracts within the suite of NEC contracts
  • core clauses, main option clause and secondary option clauses
  • new clauses within the NEC4 ECC contract
  • Preparing the Contract Data, Works Information/Scope and Site Information
  • considering factors involved when preparing tender documents and assessing tender submissions
  • considering common amendments that are often made in the form of “Z clauses” and their potential to alter the dynamics or risk profile of an un‐amended contract
  • roles and responsibilities of the key Parties
  • the important ECC processes, in particular early warning, the programme, Risk/Early Warning Register, communications, payment and compensation events
  • Understand how to apply ECC in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems



Outline of the day’s programme

0900 – 0915       Registration and refreshments

0915 – 0930        Introductions and course overview

0930 – 1100        Session 1 – NEC suite of contracts

  • NEC3/4 suite of contracts overview
  • ECC core clauses
  • Exercise – Finding your way around the contract
  • Key elements of the various NEC contracts – core clauses, secondary clauses, Contract Data, Scope and Site Information

1115 – 1245        Session 2 – NEC ECC options

  • Main options (A-F)
  • Dispute resolution options (W)
  • Secondary options (X,Y)
  • Z clauses – their use and abuse
  • Exercise – selecting the right contract options

1330 – 1500         Session 3 – Preparing the contract

  • Preparing Contract Data Part One
  • Preparing Contract Data Part Two – and the tender assessment process
  • Pricing documents – activity schedule, bill of quantities
  • Writing the Works Information/Scope
  • Writing the Site Information
  • Exercise – tender preparation

1515 – 1615         Session 4 – Managing the contract

  • Early warnings
  • Programme,
  • Managing tests & inspections; dealing with defects
  • Assessment and payment,
  • Compensation events.
  • Exercise – post-contract scenarios

1615 – 1630         Summing Up/Q&A

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £245 + Vat

NEC3 and NEC4 Engineering & Construction Contract ECC Training Scotland, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, England, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Liverpool onsite course available throughout the UK.

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