*VIRTUAL* – APS Accredited – CDM 2015 for Principal Contractors

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Online CDM Principal Contractor Training


This one-day course is intended for those who currently working as contractors and wishing to take on principal contractor roles and those already engaged as principal contractors. It is an opportunity to get to grips with the Regulations and discuss some of the practical implications of the PC role.
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to identify and explain

  • the CDM roles.
    • the appointment process for the principal contractor and considerations when accepting an appointment as principal contractor.
    • The relationship of the principal contractor to the Principal Designer (principal designer) and client.
    • The principal contractor duties to liaise with the principal designer
    • The contents and purpose of the construction phase plan (CPP) and health and safety file
    • The principal contractor duties in respect to planning and coordination on site
    • The Duties to consult and engage the workforce


The course can be delivered at your suitable premises or virtually via zoom. Learners receive a full set of notes.

Course Content:

Introductions and welcomes – Explanation of materials, timings and introductions.

  • Accidents in Construction
  • Powers of Inspectors
  • Penalties

1.Duty Holders – Introduce Table 1

• Which roles does CDM define, why, and what’s the broad reason for a principal contractor?

• Difference between Regulation and Guidance in L153.

2.Definition of Construction – Reg 2 Interpretation

When does CDM apply? And when is a project notifiable.

3. CDM Appointments – Reg 5, 8

• Who makes appointments?
• When appointments are made
• Competency considerations when accepting an appointment as PC

4.Standards of Care – Introduce the concept of absolute, practical, SFARP and reasonable duties in the Regs and xxplore specific examples within the Regs.

• CDM manages relationships between parties. The standards which apply to PC’s compared to those of clients can be important.

• Be able to explain SFARP

5. Relationship between PC and PD – Introduce Reg 8, 11(7), 12(3), 13(5)

Explain how a PC can act in other roles, for example early contractor involvement.

• Requirements and limitations of duties towards one another.

• PC and PD have reciprocal duties to liaises, share information, and communicate with one another throughout their appointments.

• When acting as ECI the role is in support of a design and not therefore a PC function.

6. Construction Phase Plan – Introduce Reg 12, Appendix 3, Schedule 3, Temporary Works and Safe Design.

• The CPP is the management system for the construction phase of the project.

• Understand how the CPP is developed with the assistance of preconstruction information.

• Understand the key features of a CPP.

• Understand which risks (if present) must be included in CPP

6.3 Principles of Prevention – Introduce Reg 13(2) – Quote and apply ERIC.SP

6.4. /6.5 Induction Training and Worker Engagement – Introduce Reg 13(4) 12(4)

• Explain how the CPP forms the basis of Induction and worker engagement.

• Give examples of ways in which workers views can be captured and used.

7 & 8 Duties of the PC to the construction Phase – Consider the nature of the legal duty under Reg and how it differs from that of a contractor.

• Explain the duty of the PC to manage and co-ordinate site wide activities; and

• The duty of each contractor to manage monitor and revives their own work arrangements.

9. CDM Part 4: General requirements for all construction sites – To understand the types of duty imposed by Regs 16-35. – Other Relevant Regulations

• Understand the nature of part 4 of the Regs

• Understand how technical matters not contained in Part 4 may also the responsibility of the PC

  • Asbestos, Lead, Silica, Work at Height, Plant.

Health and safety file – Introduce Regs 12(8)-(10) and Appendix 4

PC responsibilities towards the H&S file including the situation where the PD is not retained beyond the design phase.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £275 + Vat


CDM Principal Contractors Online Training Course

CDM Principal Contractors Virtual Training Course

Online CDM Principal Contractors Training Course

Virtual CDM Principal Contractors Training Course

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