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Online APS Accredited CDM Awareness Training Course


CDM 2015 divides the activities of a construction project between 7 duty holders.

This course gives an overview of these duty holders and their responsibilities with particular attention given to the client role. It is nevertheless suitable for any duty holder who needs a broad understanding of CDM which place great emphasis on cooperation and coordination and necessitate a general understanding of each duty holder’s role.

The course explains the structure of the background of the Regulations including standards of care so that learners can have the confidence to navigate and interpret the Regulations for themselves and key terms used in the in CDM are all defined.

Some duty holders for example principal designers and principal contractors may need to consider their duties in greater detail and follow-on programmes are available to assist.

At the end of this course, you will:

• Understand the structure of the Regulations and their associated guidance and how to find your way through them.
• Be able give key definitions, including construction, and identify situations where CDM apply.
• Identify and describe the 7 CDM duty holders, and the specific part which clients play.
• Understand the requirements for notification.
• Describe the role and purpose of the preconstruction phase information.
• Describe the role and purpose of the construction phase plan.
Describe the role and purpose of the safety file.


A multi choice exam of at least 20 questions. Pass mark 70%. Candidates will be permitted to use their copies of L153 but not their course notes. End of course assessments will be carried out in the classroom or virtually with cameras on.

The preferred format will be Goole forms but alternative formats including large print and spoken will be made available with prior notice for candidates with particular needs.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £250 + Vat


Accredited CDM Training Course

CDM Accredited Training Course

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