Writing & Reviewing Method Statements

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Course duration: 1 Day

Writing & Reviewing Method Statements

Cost: £275 + VAT

Course Aims:

The aims of the workshop are to provide Contractors, Engineers, Client’s Representatives, Premises Managers, Planning Supervisors and any other person who has to write or review health and safety method statements as part of their function with a comprehensive understanding of the standards of method statements which should be produced.

Introduction and setting course objectives

Legal Liabilities

The legal sanctions available to the HSE in the enforcement of the need for contractors to produce adequate method statements and for clients and planning supervisors to properly review them.

Understanding Method Statements

Understanding hazards and risks. What is a method statement? The link between risk assessment and method statements. The role of a method statement in contract health and safety planning Why is a method statement necessary? When is a method statement required and when is it not? Workshop exercise.

Providing the Detail

Level of detail to be provided in a method statement. Using the method statement to schedule health and safety equipment and other precautionary methods. Overlap
between method statements for production and for health and safety. Workshop exercise.

Generic Method Statements

Effective use of generic method statements. Making generic method statements site-specific. Use of regulations and industry guidance as a basis for health and safety
planning and the production of method statements. Sources of information. Workshop exercise.

Quantified Risk Assessments

Understanding quantified risk assessments. When are quantified risk assessments valuable? Uniformity of approach. Linking quantified risk assessments to “reasonably practical” judgements. Workshop exercise.

Conveying the Message

Level of information to be passed to the personnel at risk. Methods of effectively conveying the information. Levels of skill and knowledge required to enact the details of
the method statement. Recording the receipt of information. Workshop exercise.

Course Conclusion

– Upon conclusion of the workshop, delegates should be able to:-

– understand when method statements are necessary

– utilise published information or generic procedures as a basis for site-specific method statements

– write or review effective method statements

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