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Word Press Training 

A brief description of the module

This course introduces new techniques to build and edit a website, where you will gain a deeper
knowledge of how Word Press themes are created. With word press you can build responsive websites
that looks great on all devices. You will learn how Word Press templates are used and learn about various Word Press functions.

What the course aims to teach

 Introduction & Getting Started
 Word Press Blog
 Customizing
 Editing pages
 Updating contents
 Media library
 Word Press security
 Basics of PHP
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

 Understand how Word Press is structured
 Add Word Press contents such as pages, blog posts, menus etc
 Manage users’ permissions and comments
 Add custom header images
 Integrate with social media
 Understand how Word Press works with PHP page templates
 Gain a better understanding of how Word Press structures files & folders
 Create a Word Press site with confidence using the PHP programming language
 Choose and install plug-in and themes

Pre – Requisites

Anyone who wants to build a professional looking website, and don’t know where to start with, you can now with word press.

This course is for beginners with a little or no knowledge. Basics of PHP would be an advantage but is not compulsory as will be covered in the course.

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £550 + VAT

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