Virtual Project

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Virtual Project E-Learning

VP 0.1 What is BIM?
VP 0.2 Case Study Examples
VP 1.1 Introducing the CDE
VP 1.2 The Project Design Brief
VP 1.3 EIRs, AIRs and the NBS BIM Toolkit
VP 1.4 The BIM Execution Plan
VP 1.5 Client Information Exchange – Introducing COBie
VP 1.6 Security-Minded BIM
COBie Data Drop at Stage 1
VP 2.1 Design Concept (Mass) Modelling
Environmental – Energy Analysis
Developing the Concept (Mass) Model
Coordination Review
VP 2.2 COBie Data Drop at Stage 2
VP 3.1 Discipline-Specific Design Authoring
Model Transmittal
Design Review
Resolve identified model issues
VP 3.2 Model Federation and Clash Detection
Validate the model
Publish design data
VP 3.3 COBie Data Drop at Stage 3
VP 4.1 Rendering and Visual Production
VP 4.2 4D – Construction Simulation
VP 4.3 5D – Cost Model
VP 4.4 5D – Quantity Take-Off
VP 4.5 Populating the Model with Data
VP 4.6 COBie Data Drop at Stage 4
VP 6.1 Introduction to BIM in FM
COBie Data Drop at stage 6

Cost: £250 + VAT per Licence

Group Licence Discounts available.

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