*VIRTUAL* – Business Development for Subsurface Decarbonisation Projects

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Online Subsurface Decarbonisation Projects Training Course


Upstream organisations seem to be ideally prepared to engage in subsurface decarbonisation ventures like geothermal and the storage of CO2. The safe and cost-efficient delivery of these projects is likely to become a critical element for the future competitiveness of E&P companies. However, successful business development needs to consider several challenges which need to be overcome if future projects should become a sustainable element in corporate portfolios. Risk factors include the lack of a realistic approach to project definition and design, failure to achieve truly integrated projects and the challenges to increasingly cooperate with stakeholders unfamiliar with the E&P business.
This course highlights the case for change, criteria for successful business development projects and a range of medium term scenarios for these business segments.

Course Level: Foundation

Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Martin Fleckenstein


  • A geoscientist, reservoir engineer, facilities engineer, business developer, strategic planner, controller or a professional involved in the early identification and definition of geothermal and CCS strategies and project portfolios


  • Highlighting selected case histories
  • Exercises to understand opportunities, challenges, risk mitigation strategies


By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The business case for subsurface decarbonisation projects
  • Challenges of geothermal and CCS projects based on track record to date
  • Prerequisites for the implementation of successful business development


  • Business case for geothermal and CCS projects
  • Track record of geothermal and CCS projects
  • Risk management specific to geothermal and CCS projects
  • Case histories, successes and failures, lessons learned
  • Competitive landscape
  • The role of technology and R&D
  • The critical role of team dynamics and decision processes
  • Stakeholder management
  • Public perception, opportunities and challenges

Duration: 3 Days

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