SVQ Logistic Operations SCQF 7

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Logistic Operations SVQ

GR0W 23 SVQ in Logistics Operations at SCQF Level 7 – Structure

To attain the qualification candidates must complete 8 units in total. This comprises:

¨          4 Mandatory Units

¨      4 Optional Units



Please note the table below shows the SSC identification codes listed alongside the corresponding SQA Unit codes. It is important that the SQA Unit codes are used in all your recording documentation and when your results are communicated to SQA.


Mandatory Units :  Candidates must complete 4 units from this group
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
HA67 04SFLL&G3Communicate Effectively with all Stakeholders64
J2LA 04SfLLO37Optimise the Use of Logistics Resources64
J2L9 04SfLLO38Respond to Problems in Logistics Operations75
J2LX 04SfLLO36Schedule Logistic Operations to Meet Customer Requirements75



Optional  Units :  Candidates must complete 4 units from this group
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
HP8H 04SFLITLO4Manage Costs and Resources in Logistics Operations to Meet Customer Requirements86
HP8J 04SfLITLO5Manage and Implement Security Operations within Logistics98
J3PG 04SfLWS33Monitor the Receipt, Storage or Dispatch of Goods in Logistics Operations53
J2L3 04SfLLO39Apply the Use of Technology in Logistics Operations75
J3PM 04SfLLO40Improve the Performance of Logistics Operations76
J2L8 04SfLLO41Minimise the Environmental Impact of Logistics Operations65
J3R2 04SfL49Co-ordinate International Movement of Loads by Road75
HP8L 04SfL68Arrange the Transportation of Goods Using Multiple Transport Modes64
J2MG 04SfLSCM107Schedule the Distribution of Supplies85
J2LN 04SFLSCM117Monitor Supplies at Storage Locations and Facilities65
J2LR 04SfLSCM120Administer Contracts64
J3R3 04SfLSCM126Monitor and Progress the Delivery of Orders53
J2LW 04SFLSCM127Monitor the Flow of Supplies in the Supply Chain76
J2LS 04SFLSCM131Monitor the Flow of Returned Supplies64
J2LT 04SFL132Monitor the Transportation of Supplies65
HE7K 04PROHSS1Make Sure your Own Actions Reduce Risks to Health and Safety58
HC8V 04CFAM&LDB2Allocate Work to Team Members56
FD3K 04CFAMLD6Allocate and Monitor the Progress and Quality of Work in your Area of Responsibility714
H9XW 04CFACSA13Deal with Customers in Writing or Electronically66
H58T 04CFAM&LAA2Develop your Knowledge, Skills and Competence76
H8H3 04CFAM&LBB4Ensure Compliance with Legal, Regulatory, Ethical and Social Requirements912
H8GY 04CFAM&LBA2Provide Leadership in Your Area of Responsibility89
HP8M 04CFAIWS7Work with People from Different Countries or Diverse CulturesN/AN/A

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