Rough Terrain Lift Truck

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Lift Truck Training

This interactive training course is intended for novice lift truck operators who have little or no previous operating experience. The training & achievement test fully complies with the approved code of practice for training lift truck operators

On completion of this training course, learners will understand the operating parameters and techniques associated to rough terrain lift trucks. In accordance with the manufacturers guide lines and accepted good practice.

Maximum number of learners per course: 3

Additional costs if applicable:

Hire of equipment charged at cost.

Course references:

  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  • Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
  • L117 Rider Operated Lift Trucks: Operator Training ACOP
  • CPA: Ground Conditions for Construction Plant

Training content:

  • Introduction rough terrain lift truck (RTFL) safety
  • Duties and responsibilities of the rough terrain lift (RTFL) truck operator
  • Identify and understand the function of principle components
  • Rating charts and sources of information
  • Understand features effecting the stability and safety of the RTFL
  • Understand the function and operation of the RTFL controls
  • Use of split brakes and four wheel drive system
  • Carry out pre-use checks and defect reporting procedures
  • Understand and operate within the design limits of the RTFL
  • Understand the safe loading of the RTFL
  • Operate and manoeuvre RTFL in restrictive areas –loaded and unloaded
  • Stack and de-stack at varying heights
  • Stack pallets and corner post pallets
  • Under cutting procedures
  • Vehicle loading and unloading
  • Parking and isolation procedures

Course resources / requirements

A serviceable rough terrain fork lift, fitted

• Standard pallet forks
• R.O.P.S, F.O.P.S and a seatbelt
• Complete with the operator’s manual
Loads of known weights to consist of:-
• Load A
• 1 x load not less than 60% of forklifts
maximum rate capacity
• Load B
• 3 x similar size palletized loads suitable for

Racking or block stacks to allow stacking to take place at level ground, eye level and high level which must not be less than 75% for the forklifts maximum operating height.

An area of ground, clear of hazards which must include:

  • Level ground
  • Rough ground
  • Sloping ground
  • A straight run of at least 20 metres


  • Cones / materials etc. to create restrictions for
    travelling and manoeuvring.
  • Suitable room to conduct theory training
  • Candidate must have suitable Personal Protective Equipment


Course duration: 5 Days

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