Real World Risk Assessment

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Real World Risk Assessment Course

Modern health and safety is fundamentally based upon the assessment of risk and application of controls appropriate to that risk. A thorough understanding of the principles and their application is therefore essential for every business.

Who is this for?

This course is suitable for managers, supervisors, and safety representatives with responsibility for conducting risk assessment or planning assessment programmes.

What you will be able to do:

On successful completion of the course candidates will understand the legal requirements for risk assessment including the factors required for a “suitable and sufficient” assessment. They will understand key concepts of hazard and risk, be able to conduct a risk assessment using the HSE five steps model. They will be able to recognise those situations where they lack the necessary competence to make a suitable assessment and what to do.

Candidates will be able to identify appropriate control measures by reference to the principles of prevention.

Candidates will also be introduced to broader concepts of risk assessment including: –

• Programme management
• Quantitative risk assessment techniques
• Enterprise risk

The course can include a concluding examination at your option. If required further training in advanced techniques can be offered.

Legal Basis – SFRP, Reg 3,4,5
Definition of terms – Hazard, Harm, Risk, emphasise need to assess likelihood of harm arising from a
hazard rather than merely the likelihood of being exposed to the hazard.
Who should carry out assessments – Employers duties
What should be assessed – Consider “significant” and “trivial” risk and the effect of context.
When is a RA good enough – Concept of “suitable sufficient”
HSE Five steps models
• Identify Hazards
• Identify Who and How they may be harmed.
• Analysis risk
• Record
• Review
We use various activities and the IOSH RA game.
Controlling Risk – Introduction of Principles of Prevention and ERICPD
Consider weaknesses of 5 steps and programme management issues.
Candidates consider problems of assessing maintenance activities where the activities
and sequences are unpredictable.
Candidates consider need to see each RA as part of a bigger Risk management process
and the potential for contradictory assessments in different parts of the same business.

Duration: 1 Day

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