Programming Excel Using VBA

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Excel VBA Training


This is a 2 day course called “Programming Excel using Visual Basic for Applications”.

It is suitable for any version of Excel with many of the principals applying to other Microsoft Office products.

This is not recommended for delegates with little or no programming experience in any language. However, for delegates who feel ‘a bit rusty’ with their VBA, on the course there is an opportunity to brush up on VBA syntax.

Course Content:

1. Introduction

Course objectives and an introduction to Object orientated programming.

2. Recording, Editing and Running Macros

Using the Visual Basic Macro Recorder as a learning aid

3. VBA Syntax and other Baseline Principals

Use of Data and Object Variables
Use of Msgbox and Inputbox
The IF statement
The SELECT CASE statement
The FOR statement
The DO .. LOOP statement
The WITH … END WITH statement

4. Subroutines and Functions

The role of Subroutines and Functions in VBA code together with a look at some of VBA’s built-in functions

5. The Excel Object Model

A top level view of the Excel Object Model, including: –

The Application object
The Workbook object
The Worksheet object

6. The Range Object Model

Using Ranges in Excel applications. This is considered the most important topic in this course.

Exercise Work:

There is a plentiful supply of hands-on demonstration work together with formal exercises at the end of each topic.

Project Work:

Based on delegate experience and the time spent on exercises there is normally an opportunity to have delegates create an Excel application based on a specification supplied by the trainer.

This is Trainer led and usually takes 90 mins to complete and is optional where time.

Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £430 + VAT

Excel VBA Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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