*New* Microsoft Office 365 Project Online Professional

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Microsoft Office 365 Project Online Professional

Course Description:

This course is designed for people who require to Manage multiple projects, Track work on Timesheets and Balance broad resource needs.

Target Audience:

Delegates who have previously used SharePoint and Microsoft Project and are familiar with these products.  Delegates who will be part of a project team or be a Project or Portfolio Manager.


Users should be:-

  • able to use a keyboard and mouse
  • familiar with any version of Microsoft Office
  • familiar with Internet Explorer 10 or above
  • familiar with Office 365
  • familiar with SharePoint Sites
  • familiar with Microsoft Project 2010, 2013, or 2016

Course Objectives

  • Work with Project Online Professional
  • View and work with multiple projects
  • Control resource assignments
  • Update and track work
  • Produce Reports

Course Content:

Overview of Office 365 – Project Online Professional

  • What is Project Online Professional in Office 365?
  • Licencing Considerations
  • Description of the Project Online Plans
  • What are the benefits of using it?
  • Project Online Limitations
  • SharePoint Sites related to the Project
  • Manage Site Features

Getting Started with Project Online Professional

  • Overview of the Project Online Interface
  • Overview of the Quick Launch

Using the Project Web App (PWA)

  • Upload your project to the Project Web App (PWA)
  • View your uploaded project
  • Open your uploaded project in Browser for Editing
  • Overview of the Ribbon Tabs while in Editing Mode
  • Add new Summary Tasks
  • Add new Sub Tasks
  • View you Project Information
  • Add tasks/project to the Timeline
  • Export your data to Excel
  • Print your Project
  • Save and Publish your changes
  • Save your site as a template
  • Delete the site

Building your Team

  • Overview of Resources
  • Add New Resources
  • Resources uploaded with the Project file
  • Matching Resources
  • Assign Resources to their tasks
  • Export Resources to Excel
  • Print Resources
  • Save and Publish your changes
  • View Resource Assignments
  • View the Resource Center
  • View Resource Capacity Planning
  • Resource Requests and Engagements

The Project Site associated with your Project

  • View the Project site associated with your Project
  • Overview of the Project SharePoint Site
  • Overview of Site Contents
  • Permissions for your Project
  • Add/Remove Permissions
  • Share your Project Site
  • Over view of Documents Library
  • Add/Remove Project Documents to the Library
  • Add Calendar appointments/meetings

Time and Task Management

  • Set up Timesheets
  • Set up Categories
  • Set Up Timesheet Reporting
  • Timesheet Managers
  • Add Information to Timesheets
  • Work with Timesheets

Issues, Risks, Deliverables

  • Work with Deliverables
  • Work with Risks
  • Work with Issues

Tracking Projects to Completion

  • Set a Baseline
  • Add Actual Information
  • Submitting Status Reports
  • Use PWA Reports
  • Project Overview Dashboard
  • Project Overview
  • Resource Overview

NOTE:  This course outline is subject to change in line with the Office 365 Roadmap.

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + VAT

Office 365 Training Scotland, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Perth and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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