*New* Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner GDPR Online Training Course

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Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Practitioner GDPR Online Training Course

Learn from the experts about the best methods and tools for achieving General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

The four-day Certified EU GDPR Practitioner online course is focused on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to implement an effective privacy and information security compliance programme under the GDPR.

The course takes a practical approach:

  • Real-life case study to demonstrate best practices and methodologies.
  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) tool to help assess and address privacy risks.
  • GDPR compliance gap assessment tool to help comply.

The tools are included free of charge for all participants to use in the workplace.

Delivered by an experienced data protection consultant, this course is built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience gained advising on compliance with data privacy laws and related information security standards such as ISO 27001.

Accredited qualification

The course supports continued professional development and participants who pass the included online exam are awarded the ISO 17024-certificated EU GDPR Practitioner (EU GDPR P) qualification by IBITGQ . It is also accredited by the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) and satisfies the IISP Skills Framework requirements at Level 1: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, B2 and C3.

Please note that you must have passed the Certified EU GDPR Foundation online (EU GDPR F) examination before you can take this course.

What will you learn on this course?

  1. The data protection officer (DPO) role.
  2. What constitutes personal data.
  3. Accountability, the privacy compliance framework and a personal information management system (PIMS).
  4. Lessons to be learnt from common data security failures.
  5. The six data protection principles – how to apply them and demonstrate compliance.
  6. Security of personal data.
  7. Organisational risk management framework.
  8. Legal requirements for a data protection impact assessment (DPIA).
  9. How to conduct a DPIA with a DPIA tool.
  10. Why and how to conduct a data mapping exercise.
  11. The rights of data subjects.
  12. Giving and withdrawing consent.
  13. Handling data subject access requests (DSARs).
  14. Roles of controllers and processors, and the relationships between them.
  15. Transferring personal data outside the EU, and the mechanisms for compliance.
  16. How to become GDPR compliant using a compliance gap assessment tool.

Courseware includes:

  • A real-life case study;
  • DPIA tool;
  • GDPR compliance gap assessment tool; and
  • Course slides.

The tools are included free of charge for all participants to use in the workplace.

IBITGQ examinations

Participants sit the EU GDPR P online examination at the end of the course – a 90-minute, multiple-choice, ISO 17024-certificated exam set by IBITGQ. There is no extra charge for this exam.

This course is part of our unique EU GDPR Learning Path, which also includes the Certified EU GDPR Foundation Online Training Course. It also supports continued professional development programmes by qualifying participants for 28 CPD/CPE credits.

Who should attend this course?

  1. Privacy managers, legal compliance officers and risk managers
  2. IT and information security professionals
  3. Individuals with little experience but who wish to enter the field of data protection with a professional qualification.

Are there entry requirements?

All participants must have knowledge of the EU GDPR and have passed the EU GDPR F exam.

Additional information

The course includes:

  • Comprehensive course materials;
  • The EU GDPR P online exam;
  • A certificate of attendance; and
  • A guarantee that the course will run – we never cancel a course.
  • Attendees will also receive 20% off the GDPR Documentation Toolkit after attending the course

Online access requirements

Please note that this course is delivered as a WebEx Live Online session at fixed times and on fixed dates throughout the year.

Participants booked on this course are expected to have a reliable Internet connection at their home or office, on a PC, Mac or laptop. We will check and confirm that you have the WebEx application installed, and that you can correctly log on to our WebEx training centre before the course.

On the final day of the course, you will be invited to take the EU GDPR P exam. To sit the online exam you will need:

  • Internet Explorer 9 (or later) or Mozilla Firefox version 16 (or later);
  • Internet access for the full duration of the exam;
  • To deactivate the pop-up blocker;
  • A working webcam on the machine you are sitting your exam from; and
  • A Skype account.

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: £1,795 + VAT

GDPR Training Scotland, Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and onsite courses throughout Scotland

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