Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Level 2

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course Description

You will enhance your presentation by using features that will transform it into a powerful means of communication. You will customize the PowerPoint interface to suit your requirements and use features to create dynamic and visually appealing presentations. You will then finalize a presentation and secure it to authenticate its validity.

Target Student:

This course is designed for professionals who will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 to prepare presentations and be more productive in their work.


To ensure your success, we recommend that you first take one of our introductory courses, such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 : Level 1, or have equivalent knowledge and skills.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• customize the PowerPoint environment.
• customize a design template.
• add SmartArt graphics to a presentation.
• add special effects to a presentation.
• customize a slide show.
• collaborate on a presentation.
• secure and distribute a presentation.

Course Content

Customizing the PowerPoint Environment

Customize the PowerPoint Interface
Set Options for Working with PowerPoint

Customizing a Design Template

Set Up a Slide Master
Create Custom Slide Layouts
Add Headers and Footers
Modify the Notes Master and Handout Master

Adding SmartArt Graphics to a Presentation

Insert SmartArt Graphics
Modify SmartArt Graphics

Adding Special Effects to a Presentation

Add Multimedia Elements
Customize Slide Component Animations

Customizing a Slide Show

Set Up a Custom Slide Show
Annotate a Presentation
Create a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically

Collaborating on a Presentation

Review a Presentation
Publish Slides to a Slide Library

Securing and Distributing a Presentation

Broadcast a Presentation
Convert a Presentation into a Video
Package a Presentation
Publish a Presentation to Other File Formats
Secure a Presentation

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