Microsoft Office 2013 What’s New

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Microsoft Office 2013 Training

Duration: 1 day


Office 2013 is a software suite containing MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook along with other familiar applications as well as some new ones.  With this release, the common interfaces have radically changed, now organising commands around specific scenarios or objects.  The course is intended to allow delegates to become familiar and comfortable with this new approach.

Who will the course benefit?

 Current users of Office 2003, who are intending to upgrade to Office 2013.  It is also intended for people who need to know what is new, or has changed and how to use the new version efficiently.

Course Objectives

 The course covers the new interface and introduces the new context-based tools, new formats and ways of achieving integration between applications.  This course will focus on Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.  Starting with the new Interface, users will be shown how to find the buttons they are looking for easily and guided throughout the new menu locations.

Also included in the course are the two very efficient toolbars; the Quick Access Toolbar and the Mini Toolbar. Formatting on the fly or Live Preview as it is also known.  These will be discussed throughout the course.

Skills Gained

 Familiarity with the way the new interfaces work – updating knowledge from earlier menu-based procedures, and new features.   Delegates will be able to work quicker and smarter in their daily routine after the course, and they will feel more comfortable working with this completely new Interface.


 Prior familiarity with an earlier version of MS Office is essential.

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