Microsoft Excel 2003 – Advanced Level 1

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + VAT


The topics covered are listed below.

Section 1

Revision of Basic Excel Techniques

Section 2

Using Logical Functions
Using IF Functions
Using ISERROR Functions
Using Multiple IF statements
Using Conditional Formatting
Using And Or Functions

Section 3

Using the Date and Time
Creating Formula with dates

Section 4

Working with Multiple Sheets
Moving between Sheets
Selecting single and Multiple Sheets
Renaming, Copying & Moving Sheets
Inserting and Deleting Sheets
Linking to Other Sheets
Three Dimensional Referencing

Section 5

Pivot Tables
Create Pivot Tables
Using the Pivot Table Wizard
Updating a Pivot Table
Changing the Layout of Pivot Tables

Section 6

Round Function
Round to Two Decimal Places
Round to A Whole Number
Round to Whole Hundreds
Round Up to Next Whole Number
Round Down to Next Whole Number

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