Managing and Improving Distribution (Freight Transport and Warehouse) Operations

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Distribution Operations Training


This course looks at the practical day to day basic procedures to be carried out in managing warehouse operations and in running a fleet of road vehicles. It then explores how to run distribution operations more productively. It will give a structured approach to analyse and then improve distribution operations.


The Role of the Warehouse and of Transport
Objectives, roles and responsibilities
Definitions and uses of transport
Checklist to undertake an initial analysis of operations

Transport Modes and Methods
Speed, cost and reliability variables
Choosing transport modes
Why is road transport dominant in the UK?
Checklists on advantages/disadvantages of alternative modes

Product Classification
Supply and Demand Variables
ABC Analysis to show where to concentrate limited resources
Product Handling Groups and Classifying for effective operations
Checklists to help on the analysis

Warehouse Layout Options
The trade off between using Floor and Height Space
Organising for flow
Picking/Selection options and improvements
Checklists to help on deciding the best option

Transport Routing & Scheduling
The trade off between vehicle fill and customer requirements
Critical planning elements to cover in every journey
Scheduling differences dependant on drops and distances
Checklist on how to complete Time Planning & Scheduling
Use of computerised packages

Transport Vehicles and Equipment
Vehicle types
Body types
Mechanical handling equipment
Vehicle specifying
Checklists to help on deciding the best option
Checklists on Equipment Selection

Warehouse Methods and Equipment
Handling equipment
Warehouse structure and building
Storage options and key features of racking
Pick/pack equipment
Checklist on equipment selection
Checklist for time planning
Video on Equipment types

Legislation overview
Vehicle, operator and driver legislation
Vehicle Maintenance and Checklist
Accident awareness
Health and Safety legislation
Roles and responsibilities
Accident awareness
Risk Checklist
Video on safe fork truck driving

Own and Operate, or Contract out options
Alternative methods of vehicle acquisition
Using third party operators
Checklist on Contracting Out
Contracting Out procedures

Security and Loss
Internal theft
External theft
Preventative measures

Productivity, Cost and Service
Identifying the Typical Costs involved
Getting costs under control by targeting and measurement
Checklists on Warehouse Labour/space and Vehicle Productivity
Checklists on Vehicle costs
Checklists on Vehicle fuel economy
Service level analysis
Checklist on Customer Service Sampling

Models for Better Warehouse & Better Transport Management
A structured approach to ensure all elements are considered
Checklist on Warehouse and Transport Improvements
Checklist on 10 signs of Transport Excellence
The Top 20 Warehousing Ideals

Course duration: Please call for more informtaion

Distribution Operations Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Distribution Operations Training Ghana, Nigeria and Qatar is also available.

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