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 Lean HR Training


This workshop will enable you to:

Lean Management seeks to radically restructure the organisation into “Value Streams”, with the aim of streamlining organisational processes and removing non-value-adding waste to improve customer service; whilst also improving efficiency and value.

The move to a Lean management system can seem a complex and difficult journey. In fact the key issue is leadership. Lean is a human system, rather than a set of tools, the gateway to success in lean is developing managers and employees to truly understand lean; be able to use lean tools; and to work together for optimum benefit.

At the same time, lean transformation is a very empowering and energising route to take. Involve everyone and be open, and you will realise benefits. Lean leadership is about changing the behaviour of leaders from command and control to teamworking; from firefighting to committing quality time to regular improvement activities; from management by memo and e-mail to working with the team every day; from spreadsheets and finance reports to gathering real data in real time in the work area.

Our Lean Management for HR workshop is aimed at Directors and other senior HR managers who are currently transforming their HR Departments or considering improving current services. The workshop provides a straightforward introduction to the philosophy of lean and its implementation in service areas.

  1. Identify who your customers are and what they require from you (including the organisation, line managers and others in HR);
  2. Understand ‘Lean Principles’ and the essentials of Customer Value;
  3. Identify current processes that support your customers and service users;
  4. Study and map key processes;
  5. Identify and eliminate non-value add activities;
  6. Streamline key processes to enable them to be as short as possible;
  7. Link metrics to strategy and develop a coordinated decision making process;
  8. Develop and involve staff in continuous improvement.


Contents will include:

• The Lean philosophy

• Value Stream definition;

• Value Stream Mapping and Process Modelling;

• Value Stream and Cell performance measures linked to strategy;

• Techniques for daily performance review and decision making;

• Empowering and involving staff;

• The role of leaders and managers;

• Implementation: developing a kaizen programme for your service.


Workshop Details

The price is £480 per person. We also offer an ‘in-house’ version of this workshop.

One-Day Workshop

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