Ladder Safety

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Course duration: 1 Day


The Work at Height Regulations 2005, require that any one working at height should be competent to do so and be trained in the equipment used to gain access. This one day training course will ensure delegates have the knowledge and instruction to be able to use, select, maintain and inspect ladders and step ladders for working at height.

Ladder and Steps Course Content:

The ultimate objective of the course is to give delegates the knowledge to:

Make the correct selection of work at height equipment for any particular task
Conduct an assessment of the appropriate usage of ladders and stepladders
Undertake the use of ladders and stepladders safely and effectively
Carry out pre-use inspections for ladders and stepladders

Additionally the course will give participants a detailed understanding of the following:

Work at Height regulations and legislation
The product classifications and standards for stepladders and ladders
Hazards and situations affecting the use of stepladders and ladders

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