Introduction to HTML

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £575 + Vat

Introduction to Website Development

Creating Web Pages
Text Editors and Markup Languages
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Editors
Front-End Issues
Back-End Issues
The Habitat For Humanity Web Site

Markup Language and Site Development Essentials

History of Markup Languages
Web Site Development Principles

XHTML Coding

Introduction to Using XHTML
Markup Tags
Document Structure Tags
Web Site File Structure
Preparing Your Development Environment
Style Sheets
Paragraph Formatting and Block-Level Elements
Text-Level Elements
Good Coding Practice

Horizontal Rules and Graphical Elements

Horizontal Rules in XHTML
Images in Web Pages
Special Characters
Specifying Colours
Page Colours and Backgrounds
Specifying Font Information
Web Design Issues


Introduction to Hyperlinks
The Anchor Tag
Creating Local Hyperlinks
Creating External Hyperlinks
Using Images as Hyperlinks
Creating Internal Links
Managing Hyperlinks


Introduction to Tables
Table and Data Alignment Options
Height and Width of Table Elements
Column and Row Spanning
Formatting Content in Tables

Web Forms

Introduction to Web Forms
Web Forms and CGI
The <form> Tag
Web Form Fields

Image Techniques

Introduction to Web Image Techniques
Image Maps
Image Transparency
Image Interlacing


Introduction to XHTML Frames
The <frameset> Tag
The <frame> Tag
The Frameset Document
The <noframes> Tag
Targeting Frames with Hyperlinks
Specifying a Base Target
Borders, Margins and Scrolling
Inline Frames
Appropriate Use of Frames

GUI HTML Editors

Introduction to GUI HTML Editors
Types of GUI Editors
GUI HTML Editor Functionality
Creating Web Pages with a GUI Editor
HTML Text Editors vs. GUI Editors
Previewing Pages and Validating Code
Web Site Publishing

Advanced Web Technologies

Extending HTML
Server-Side and Client-Side Languages
Server-Side Languages
Client-Side Languages
Connecting to a Database
Styling Techniques with CSS
Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
Document Object Model (DOM)
Working with Web Service Providers

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