Enterprise Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework

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Course duration: 5 Days

Cost: £2195 + VAT


.NET35 is a mature framework which itself supports a wide range of technologies. Knowing your way around these technologies is a daunting but necessary task for those involved in producing other than rather small applications. This course takes you through the important technologies and how you can mix them together to form solutions to business problems.

Other courses take you through C#, Xml, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, WF and WCF building blocks of a serious .NET35 application. This course completes the picture with

a) Required techniques and technologies that are not uniquely Web/WindowsForms etc

b) Architectural guidance on appropriate mixes of the technologies

c) Good practice

This course is intended for experienced software developers who need to gain a solid understanding of how to use the .NET35 Framework to develop the core of a large scale application.

Practical exercises are used to consolidate the information learned during the lecture sessions, multimedia presentations and demonstrations. All demonstration, exercise and solution code is available to take home after the course.

Note: All code will be in C# only.


It is expected that delegates:-

have some familiarity with the main .NET35 technologies of WF and WCF,

are comfortable using Visual Studio 2005 or later (VS2008 is used on this course)

have some familiarity with WindowsForms2 and/or ASP.NET2

are comfortable with the C# language

Attending the course “Understanding .NET3.5” would give sufficient familiarity

Delegates will learn how to

Leverage the assembly versioning capabilities built into .NET

Describe the built-in .Net security features

Describe the various authentication options available

Work with legacy components use threads and other asynchronous programming techniques

Use the built-in Xml serialization capabilities

Describe and use appropriate data manipulation approaches including LINQ

Use the event logs and performance counters

Describe how WCF can be used to address the communication issues

Describe how Workflow can be used to combine units of business functionality

Describe the usage of the Enterprise Library

Setup and use a Continuous Integration / Test Driven Development / Mock Object approach to building robust and reliable s/w

Describe the various deployment options available

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