Diploma in Digital Applications SCQF 6

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Digital Applications SVQ


GL2K 46Diploma in Digital Application Support at SCQF Level 6



To attain the qualification candidates must complete 60 credits in total. This comprises:


¨         36 mandatory credits

¨         24 optional credits



Please note the table below shows the SSC identification codes listed alongside the corresponding SQA Unit codes. It is important that the SQA Unit codes are used in all your recording documentation and when your results are communicated to SQA.


Group A — Mandatory Units: Candidates must complete all 36 credits

from this group

SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
FR11 04DPE3Developing Personal and Team Effectiveness Using IT 364
H3C5 04HSHealth and Safety in IT and Telecoms41
FR10 04UPT3Understanding the Potential of IT 368
HD57 04DIMDigital Information Management66
HD56 04DCDigital Communications66
HD55 04BNEDigital Network Environments66
F99P 04OSP3Optimise IT System Performance 365



Group A — Mandatory: Candidates must complete from 16 – 24 credits.

Only one Unit from a family of Units can be included.

SCQF Level 6 Optional Units – from 4 – 24 credits
SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
F9A8 04PMS2Using Collaborative Technologies 366
F99L 04WS2Setting Up an IT System 365
F9C0 04DTP2Computerised Accounting Software 365
F9CY 04DTP3Project Management Software 365
F9D5 04WS3Website Software 365
F9CG 04DTP3Desktop Publishing Software 365
F9CP 04MM3Multimedia Software 366
F9AJ 04AV3Audio Software 364
F9AM 04AV3Video software 364
F9C9 04DIS3Design Software 365
F9CD 04DIS3Imaging Software 365
F9CL 04DPS3Drawing and Planning Software 364
F9AR 04BS3Bespoke Software 364
F9AW 04BS3Specialist Software 364
H3B0 04SEC2IT and Telecom System Security 268
H3AH 04IDR2Investigating and Defining Customer Requirements for IT & Telecom Systems 2612
SCQF Level 5 Optional Units: up to 20 credits
F9A7 04UCT2Using Collaborative Technologies 254
F99K 04SIS2Setting up an IT System 254
F9AY 04CAS2Computerised Accounting Software 253
F9CX 04DTP3Project Management Software 254
F9D4 04WS2Website Software 254
F9CF 04DTP2Desktop Publishing Software 254
F9CN 04MM2Multimedia Software 254
F9AH 04AV2Audio Software 253
F9AL 04AV2Video software 253
F9C8 04DIS2Design Software 254
F9CC 04DIS2Imaging Software 254
F9CJ 04DPS2Drawing and Planning Software 253
H3AY 04SEC1IT and Telecom System Security 154




Group B — Optional Units: Candidates may complete up to 8 credits.

Only one Unit from a family of Units can be included.

SQA codeSSC codeTitleSCQF levelSCQF credits
H3BA 04DM1Data Modelling 154
H3BB 04DM2Data Modelling 266
H3BH 04WD1Web Development 153
H3BJ 04WD2Web Development 2612
H3BK 04WD3Web Development 3715


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