Cisco – Securing Networks with ASA Fundamentals (SNAF) v1.0

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Course duration: 5 Days

Price: £1895 + VAT

Course Overview

The SNAF course is a five-day, leader-led, lab-intensive course. The course takes a task-oriented approach to teaching the skills to configure, operate, and manage Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance product family.


Students who attend this advanced course must have experience in configuring Cisco IOS software and have met the following prerequisites:

• Certification as a CCNA or the equivalent knowledge.
• Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system.
• Familiarity with the networking and security terms and concepts (the concepts are learned in prerequisite training or by reading industry publications).

Course Objectives

Securing Networks with ASA Fundamentals (SNAF) v1.0 is an update to Securing Networks with PIX and ASA (SNPA) v5.0, an existing five-day instructor-led course on using the Cisco ASA and PIX Security Appliance software version 7.2 to protect network systems from intrusions and security threats. In order to cover new features of ASA software version 8.0 and preserve the 5-day length of the course, some of the advanced content in SNPA 5.0 has been moved to the new Securing Networks with ASA Advanced (SNAA) course. Content that has been moved to SNAA includes the following: configuring the ASA 5505 dual-ISP support, configuring ASA 5505 VLANs, configuring policy NAT, installing and configuring the Cisco Secure Desktop, configuring the security appliance to pass multicast traffic, configuring Layer 7 class maps and policy maps, and initializing the AIP-SSM and CSC-SSM.
Another difference between SNPA 5.0 and SNAF 1.0 is that SNAF 1.0 configurations are performed via ASDM rather than the CLI. The SNAF 1.0 course covers important new ASA and PIX Security Appliance 8.0 features

Course Contents

• Module 1 Cisco Security Appliances
• Module 2 Getting Started
• Module 3 Controlling Network Access
• Module 4 Service Policy Rules
• Module 5 Virtual Private Networks


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