Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 – Essentials

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Course duration: 3 Days

Cost: £875 + Vat

Getting a Quick Start and Exploring Your Workspace

· Defining a Dreamweaver site
· Using the Welcome Screen
· Selecting a CSS Layout
· Saving a Page
· Choosing a Document View
· Modifying the Page Title
· Changing Headings
· Inserting Text
· Inserting Images
· Selecting and Modifying CSS Styles
· Adjusting Text, Fonts and Colours
· Working with Code View and Code and Design view
· Using the Properties Panel
· Preview a Page in Live View
· Previewing Pages in a Browsers

Working with Cascading Style Sheets

· Attaching an External Style Sheet
· Creating new CSS Rules
· Applying Styles
· Applying Custom Classes to Page Divisions
· Examining Selectors in the CSS Rules Panel
· Creating Style Sheets for other Media Types

Working with Text, Lists, and Tables

· Creating Headings, Lists and Blockquotes
· Creating Tables
· Styling Tables with CSS
· Spell-checking a Document
· Using the Spry Tooltip Widget
· Finding and Replacing Text

Working with Images

· Inserting an Image
· Using Background Images
· Using the Properties Panel with Images
· Copying and Pasting from Photoshop
· Accessing Adobe Bridge
· Using Photoshop Smart Objects

Working with Navigation

· Linking to Internal Site Pages
· Creating an External Link
· Setting up E-mail Links
· Targeting Links within a Page
· Inserting Spry Menu Bars
· Inserting Spry Tabbed Panels
· Checking your Page

Adding Interactivity

· Learning about Dreamweaver Behaviors
· Using a Spry Effects Behavior
· Learning about XML Data
· Importing XML Data with Spry
· Creating Spry Accordions
· Customising a Spry Accordion

Creating a Page Layout

· Creating Layout Styled (div) Elements
· Looking at Code View
· Exploring CSS styles
· Using the Ruler and Guides
· Checking the Layout

Working with Forms

· Learning about Forms
· Adding a Form to the Page
· Inserting Text Form Elements
· Creating Radio Buttons
· Inserting Check Boxes
· Working with Drop-down Lists
· Adding a Submit Button
· Styling Forms

Working with Flash

· Adding a Flash Movie to a Page
· Adding Flash Video to a Page

Increasing Productivity

· Creating a Template
· Inserting Editable Regions
· Updating a Template
· Using Library Items
· Using Server-side Includes

Publishing to the Web

· Defining a Remote Site
· Cloaking Folders and Files
· Putting your Site Online

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