Dreamweaver: Dynamic Application Development

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Course duration: 3 Days

Cost: £875 + Vat

Introducing Dreamweaver and Newland Tours

· Defining a static site
· Creating the “Contact an Agent” page
· Creating a new page based on an existing page
· Working in design view, code view, and split view
· Inserting and formatting text
· Inserting images from the Insert bar
· Creating tables
· The Property inspector, the Properties panel (of the Selection panel group)

Dynamic Web Sites

· Dynamic web site basics
· Choosing a server model
· Redefining the Newland Tours site for dynamic development
· Developing with a local server
· Developing with a remote server
· Building a simple, dynamic application

Passing Data Between Pages

· Understanding the HTTP protocol
· Retrieving data with query strings/URL variables
· Retrieving data with hyperlinks
· Setting and retrieving cookies

Sending E-mail From a Web Form

· Introducing SMTP e-mail service
· Configuring your system to send SMTP e-mail
· Writing the code to send a message
· Introducing objects, methods/functions, and properties
· Creating the web form
· E-mailing dynamic form values
· Client-side form validation

Building a Tour Price Calculator

· Creating the pages
· Building the form
· Collecting, processing, and displaying the data
· Adding server-side form validation
· Creating the conditional region
· Creating and applying a custom CSS class

Databases on the Web

· A crash course on databases
· Touring the Newland database
· Connecting the site to a database
· Creating recordsets and displaying database information

Completing the Price Calculator

· Dynamically populated drop-down menus
· Creating filtered recordsets
· Revising the calculation script with live data
· Documenting your code with comments

Filtering and Displaying Data

· Preparing the input page
· Generating URLs dynamically
· Preparing the output page
· Populating page layouts dynamically
· Adding dynamic images and formatting the population number
· Looking up foreign table data with SQL

Building the Tour Descriptions

· Planning the application
· Creating recordsets with joins
· Building the descriptions
· Inserting images and alt attributes
· Implementing recordset paging
· Passing data to other applications

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