*VIRTUAL* – Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling

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Online Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling Training


Earthworks modelling for Balfour Beatty

This course will show you how to create a terrain model in different ways including importing from an external file and creating a terrain model from an imported cad file such as an Autocad dwg.

The course will also show you how to edit a terrain model and create a delta terrain model which would represent the underside of the topsoil strip on your site.

You’ll also learn how to analyse your terrain model including finding individual levels and applying contours.

We will also show you how to create ponds or bunds and how to calculate the volumes of the ponds or bunds.

Please note that this course assumes that you have a working knowledge of Microstation and you already know how to create horizontal and vertical alignments

Duration: 1/2 Day

Cost: £175 + Vat


Online Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling Training

Virtual Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling Training

Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling Virtual Training Course

Openroads Designer Earthworks Modelling Online Training Course

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