*VIRTUAL* – CDM2015 for Project Managers

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Online CDM Project Manager Training

Purpose of this course

  • To explain and review how project managers can respond to their CDM 2015 duties
  • To explain CDM 2015 in overview
  • To identify the key duty holders and their roles
  • To describe the critical information flow for projects and asset management
  • To respond to any queries and concerns and identify where we do well against this backdrop
9.00Introductions and arrangements
9.15Lessons from road traffic – how the law works for us all
9.45The shape of health and safety law
10.15Introduction to the CDM 2015 Regulations themselves L153
10.45What do we mean? R2
11.30Building the Team. Procurement is key R8, R5
12.00What does the top table do? R11, 13 and 4 headlines
12.15Information flow: The from, to and why of data management R12, R6
13.30Being a CDM Client body. R4
14.00Being the Project Manager for a Client body
15.00Where do we need to improve? Where can we be proud of what we do?
15.30Summary. “Don’t have accidents. Have a process that works. Lean forward.”

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £195 + Vat


Virtual CDM Project Manager Training

CDM Project Manager Virtual Training Course

CDM Project Manager Online Training Course

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