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Revit Structure Training


The Autodesk Revit Structure course is delivered by a registered ATC Instructor using a combination of presentations, interactive sessions and videos to provide a comprehensive and stimulating three day course. You will begin by learning the basic 3D modelling tools and progress to producing a structural BIM with full project documentation by the third day. In addition you will be introduced to the Revit’s construction phasing tool and cover the key principles of object library creation.


Underlying knowledge of structural design, Drafting or Engineering practises is recommended. Experience of using CAD packages is advantageous but not essential. Delegates should have a working understanding of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.



Day 1

Module 00 – Revit in a Nutshell

Module 01 – Introducing Revit as a BIM Tool

Module 02 – UI, Project Navigation and View Creation

Module 03 – Element Selection and Manipulation

Module 04 – Visibility Control and Categorisation

Module 05 – Model Development Methodology

Module 06 – Establishing a Project

Module 07 – Modelling Basics – Walls, Columns, Beams and Bracing


Day 02

Module 08 – Foundations and Piling

Module 09 – System Family Editing

Module 10 – Basic Schedules and Legends

Module 11 – Geometry Formation and In place Families

Module 12 – Slab and Roof Tools

Module 13 – Stairs, Ramps and Railings


Day 3

Module 14 – Beam and Truss Systems

Module 15 – Construction Sequencing (Phasing)

Module 16 – 2D Draughting and Annotation

Module 17 – Sheet Compilation and Publication

Module 18 – Basic Subdivision and Collaboration

Module 19 – Introduction to the Principles of Family Editing

Module 20 – Considering Options and Alternatives


Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £850 + VAT


Revit Structure Training Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and onsite training available throughout the UK.


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