*New* Asbestos in Soils and Made Ground

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Asbestos in Soils and Made Ground

9.30Welcome/Introduction10 mins
9.40What is Asbestos?25 mins
10.05Asbestos in the UK25 mins
10.30Asbestos and health30 mins
11.00COFFEE/TEA BREAK15 mins
11.15Available Guidance: UK & abroad35 mins
11.45Measurement in soil35 mins
12.25LUNCH45 mins
13.10The soil:air relationship35 mins
13.45Risk assessment 1: exposure estimation35 mins
14.20Measurement in air35 mins
14.55COFFEE/TEA BREAK15 mins
15.10Risk assessment 2: Risk evaluation40 mins
15.50Risk communication and remediation30 mins
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