Introduction to Railway Civil Engineering

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Course duration: 2 Days


Day One

Session 1 – Introduction and Objectives. Use of Group Standards.

Session 2 – Track Structure Failures. Weather Induced Failures. Track Inspections.

Session 3 – Track Renewals. Track Maintenance. Non-Ballasted Track.

Session 4 – Train Operation. Possessions. Speed Restrictions. Access Problems.

Session 5 – Switch and Crossing Construction, Maintenance and Renewal.

Review of the day’s work.

Day two

Session 1 – Track Recording.
Curve Design and Realignment Exercise.
CWR Maintenance.

Session 2 – Off Track Maintenance and Responsibilities.

Session 3 – Clearances. Electrification. Bridges.

Session 4 – Derailments. Earthworks. Drainage.

Review of the day’s work.


Review of the Course.

The course will provide an understanding of the basic requirements of mixed traffic railway of varying vintage, and is intended as a grounding in railway civil engineering for young engineers and those going into railway engineering from other disciplines. The course will also introduce to delegates a unique online knowledge resource, developed collaboratively by a number of experts in various fields of rail engineering.

The course is relevant to recently qualified engineers beginning a career in railway design, project management, construction or maintenance.

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