International Construction Mediation Course

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Mediation Training

Accredited Mediation Training for Construction Professionals

  • Become a Certified Mediator with the UK’s leading mediation training provider
  • Three days in Gibraltar, three days in London
  • Led by Dr. Mike Talbot and Professor Rob Jackson
  • Accredited and recognised to the highest international standards


Disputes within the construction industry are inevitable. Construction professionals can find that a significant amount of time and effort is spent resolving such disputes. Adjudication, Arbitration, and Litigation have traditionally been the preferred methods of dispute resolution, but these processes are often slow, complex, and expensive, and can be frustrating to all involved.

The use of Commercial Mediation for the resolution of construction disputes is on the increase worldwide. Clients, Designers, Contractors, and Operators are attracted to mediation as a faster, simpler, and less costly alternative to the more traditional processes. The relative informality of mediation, along with its speed and simplicity, make it a very attractive method of dispute resolution, and one that growing numbers of construction professionals are beginning to practise.

Become a mediator for construction disputes

You are invited to join delegates from around the globe for UK Mediation’s accredited mediation training for construction professionals. Held in Gibraltar and London during the summer of 2016, this course leads the way in mediation training for this, and many other industry sectors.

Once you have become a Certified Mediator you will be in a position to resolve disputes in the Building, Energy, Highway & Roads, Tunnelling, Utility and Water sectors. No prior knowledge of mediation is required to join this course, and our courses are attended by Architects, Building Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Construction Lawyers, Construction Managers, Developers, Geologists, Geotechnical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, and Structural Engineers.

Course Structure

Each course delivered is limited to 12 delegates, in order to maintain our 6:1 delegate to tutor ratio, ensuring a high quality, personalised standard of training, and allowing us to give you detailed feedback as you learn.

The course is made up of two blocks of three days, with each day running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. In order to achieve the accredited award there is also eight hours of private study following the course, which is assessed against nationally agreed standards.

The first three days of the course are delivered at the University of Gibraltar, Europe’s newest university. The second three days are delivered at the International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC), Fleet Street, London. The IDRC is world renowned as a centre of excellence for mediation, and offers a high class venue in the heart of London’s legal quarter.

Awards & Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this training programme and accreditation assessment, delegates will become Certified Mediators and eligible to join the UK Register of Mediators. The course also gives exemption from the Part 1 Examination of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and successful delegates are therefore eligible to apply for Member grade of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MICArb).

The course is the only one in the UK to be externally accredited by Ofqual, the regulator of qualifications and examinations in England and Wales, and is also recognised for Continuing Professional Development purposes by the Bar Standards Board (35 CPD hours) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (39 CPD hours).

Course Tutors – Gibraltar and London

The course is delivered to the highest standards by two pre-eminent experts in the field of construction mediation.

Dr. Mike Talbot is the Managing Director of UK Mediation Limited, and has worked in mediation for twenty years. Mike has devised mediation training programmes for mediators all over the world, and has provided expertise to mediation projects in countries from Australia to Nigeria to Jordan. Originally qualified as a psychotherapist, Mike is a thought leader in the psychology of conflict, and has great insight into what people need when they become entrenched in their commercial disputes.

Professor Robert Jackson is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Forensic Engineering Expert in Water, Construction and the Environment. He was formerly Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Salford, and in his 35 years as a Chartered Civil Engineer, he has worked throughout the UK and in the Middle East, Far East and South East Asia. Rob co-chairs the Environment & Sustainable Development Special Interest Group Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers.


Meet a Mediator at the IDRC London

We are pleased to announce that during the training block at the IDRC in London, we will be joined by a practising construction mediator. Peter McHugh, a Solicitor, Chartered Arbitrator and Mediator, is a Director of Parle Ltd, based at the IDRC. Peter is a construction law specialist, and a strong advocate for the use of mediation in this sector. Peter will be speaking at a short drinks reception on the Tuesday evening, and you are invited to attend to hear about some of Peter’s real-life experiences of working as a construction mediator.



The cost of this 6 day course is £4,250 + VAT. The cost includes tuition, materials, assessments and training accreditation.



Construction Mediation Training Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, UK.

Construction Mediation Training Gibralta, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi.


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