Earth Retaining Structures

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

The course considers the background to a topic with reference to relevant Codes of Practice (BS8004/BS8002/EC7 etc). Slides and hardware are used to illustrate practical applications. There are worked examples in the notes and tutorials for group practice.

Course Outline:

Form and function of retaining walls, introduction to design codes wide base mass and gravity walls embedded walls basic concepts of soil pressure soil bearing capacity, wall stability.

Earth pressures nature and properties of soils as they relate to earth pressures Mohr’s circle for active and passive pressures variation in soil pressures applied to a wall.

Gravity walls – design anatomy of mass and flexural gravity walls application in common forms of structure free standing walls basements bridge abutments design requirements for reinforced concrete elements.

Embedded walls types of embedded wall design parameters for cantilever and anchored walls methods of design – active and passive pressure regimes.
The course will be run in a learner centred, participative manner, with a number of practical exercises and group discussions.

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