Managing Teams

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Course duration: 2 Days

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Day 1

The nature of organisations

Different types of organisation
Diagnosing organisational culture

The role of the manager

What skills and attributes does a manager need to have?
Does it depend on the organisations culture?
Different models of management

What is leadership?

How does leadership differ from management?
The role / style of leadership
The leadership attributes matrix
The types of leader
Common leadership styles

Managing People

The balance between people issues and tasks
A staff centred view of management
Different strokes for different folks – Spotting the differences in the people we work with
Using power in relationships to get things done
Dealing with conflict

Day 2

Working in teams

Why are teams powerful?
What are the different types of team?
What are the difficulties and shortcomings of each approach?
When do teams work better than individuals?

Developing empowerment

Characteristics of empowerment
Creating a person culture
The team leader
The importance of company culture on team performance
How to generate enthusiasm and excitement in a team
Team development

Managing Teams

How changeable are things?
The five principle means of managing teams
Which approach should we use, when?
Factors affecting the choice of approach

Implementing new ways of working and new approaches

Lewin’s ‘Force Field analysis’ approach to change
The Kotter and Schlesinger change model
What really makes people change?
Management resistance
Reasons for resisting management initiatives
Staff resistance resistor styles and how to manage each of them
The ability / willingness grid

Course Objectives

To equip attendees with a theoretical and practical understanding of the nature of management their personal style strengths and weaknesses as managers and a work plan aimed at developing their activities as managers within their business

Who should attend?

Teams and personnel involved in the management of staff and senior internal clients and major procurement projects now seeking practical hands on introduction to team and change management techniques

Duration / Fees

A 2-day, double manned course.

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking

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