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Online Waste to Hydrogen Training Course

Hydrogen enables ‘sector-coupling’. Simply put, we can turn garbage into zero-emission bus fleets with the use of hydrogen to join the links in this value chain.

This course will provide tangible examples of how sector coupling works. Some of the value chains covered are in place today; others are plans or pipedreams for the future. Some, but perhaps not all the technologies covered in this course will become mainstream decarbonisation routes in future decades.

If you are investing in the hydrogen economy or considering technologies to implement for your projects, thinking through the likely winners and losers will be fundamental to your analysis. This course will provide some insights support that process.


• Examination of 10 waste to hydrogen production technologies
• Green power to green hydrogen with electrolysis
• Biomethane to hydrogen with reforming
• Carbon-negative pathways
This course includes:
• An engaging virtual training session lasting approximately four hours
• Interactive format with dedicated Q&A sections with the expert trainer
• Exercises to cement understanding of the key concepts introduced in the course


Meet the trainer:

Stephen B. Harrison is the founder and managing director at sbh4 GmbH in Germany. His work focuses on decarbonisation and hydrogen is a fundamental pillar of his consulting practice. Stephen’s hands-on hydrogen expertise extends to the full length of the value chain from production, purification, distribution, and storage through to utilisation. With a background in industrial gases, including 27 years at BOC Gases, The BOC Group and Linde Gas, Stephen has intimate knowledge of hydrogen from commercial, technical, operational and safety perspectives. Stephen served 14 years as a global business leader in these FTSE100 and DAX30 companies and had the opportunity to interact with people, businesses, and operations around the world. As a member of the H2 View and gasworld editorial advisory boards, Stephen advises the direction of editorial content for these two leading international publications. His writing often covers sustainable hydrogen production technologies

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £750 + Vat


Online Waste to Hydrogen Training Course

Virtual Waste to Hydrogen Training Course

Waste to Hydrogen Online Training Course

Waste to Hydrogen Virtual Training Course

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