*VIRTUAL* – Underground Hydrogen Storage – Storage Principles and Operations

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Online Underground Hydrogen Storage Training Course


Hydrogen is expected to take a leading role in a renewable energy system. Hydrogen gas can be generated in various different ways (and “colours”) but its production will not follow the market demand, hence, there will be a need of large-scale hydrogen storage in the geological subsurface. This course will deal with the current state of the art of underground gas storage, with the special fluid properties of hydrogen and the existing experience in the field. Also, special attention will be given to policies and regulations for safe operations of underground gas (and hydrogen) storage.

Course Level: Skill

Duration: 3 days
Instructor: Leonhard Ganzer


  • A petroleum engineer or geoscientist with some experience in the field and interested in underground gas or hydrogen storage


The theoretical and practical aspects of underground gas or hydrogen storage are discussed in a group setting preferably face-to-face or in virtual instructor led sessions along with examples and case histories. You will be encouraged to engage in discussions based on your experience.

Videos will strengthen your understanding of the theoretical and operational principles. Working on examples with calculation will support the learning experience.


By the end of the course you will feel confident in your understanding of:

  • The concepts and principles of underground gas storage with focus on hydrogen and gas mixtures (H2 & natural gas)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of gas storage in caverns, depleted hydrocarbon fields and aquifers
  • The potential fluid-fluid and rock-fluid interactions during hydrogen storage in the geological subsurface
  • The requirements by mining laws/authorities for safe hydrogen storage


  • The expected role of Hydrogen in a renewable energy system
  • Geological gas storage types
  • Terms and definitions related to underground gas and hydrogen storage
  • Properties of fluids and rocks
  • Gas and hydrogen storage in caverns
  • Gas and hydrogen storage in porous rocks
  • Mining law regulations, policies and requirements for safe storage operations
  • Challenges and special topics related to hydrogen storage in porous rocks
  • Field cases

Duration: 3 Days

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