*VIRTUAL* – Supplier Relationship Management – 2 Day

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Online SRM Training

Course Curriculum

Day 1Module Outline
Session 1Foundation principles or SRM and the challenge of contracting

•  What is Supplier Relationship Management, why is it of concern to your organization?

•  What drives successful SRM?  How could this support your organization?

•  What could you achieve if you managed stakeholders well?

•  How do you build trust and collaborative confidence with your strategic suppliers?

Session 2Becoming a customer of choice, how customers should work with suppliers

•What is global best practice in managing suppliers?

•What is best practice for getting better engagement from our suppliers?

•How could we build better relationships with our suppliers?

•Which relationships should we focus on?

Session 3Suppliers as a source of value, how to maximise your strategy

•What are the value outcomes that our supply chain brings to us?

•How can we be more collaborative and build a joint mentality?

•How do we access the true value of our suppliers?

•How do we make our suppliers part of our strategic success?

Session 4The basics of contracting and minimising contract risk

•What is a contract?

•How do we minimise the risks in our contracts

•Why do contractual relationships fail?

•Have we negotiated for success or have we negotiated for failure?


Day 2Module Outline
Session 5Understanding the supply base and choosing the right supplier to work with

•How do relationships with our suppliers drive bottom line profitability?

•Using relationships to drive mutual benefit

•How do we align our supplier motivations to those of our company?

•How do we recognise when our supplier is exploiting us and when they are working with us?

Session 6Value erosion and how our suppliers suffer from our own culture

•How do we prevent value erosion in the relationships we need?

•What are the factors that erode trust and confidence in us as a customer?

•What mutual benefits does a cultural fit bring?

•Would our suppliers prefer it if we managed them?

•What is our suppliers’ vision of a successful relationship?

Session 7Segmenting the supply chain

•Just how important is that supplier, and who should you focus on?

•What models can you use to help you understand the relative importance of all your suppliers?

•How should you measure and how should you manage these different levels of relationship?

Session 8Maximising supplier contributions to the organisation

•How do you measure the success of your relationships?

•What does an appropriate relationship governance matrix look like?

•What does the supplier expect to see?


At the end of this course you will understand

  • The significance and role of supplier relationships in building successful businesses
  • How to manage relations throughout the contract lifecycle
  • Identify risk and how to overcome them by working collaboratively with suppliers
  • How customers and suppliers drive each other’s behaviours
  • How to achieve positive outcomes even as the relationship is ending


Course Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £495 + Vat





Online Supplier Relationship Management Training

Online Supplier Relationship Management Course

Supplier Relationship Management Virtual Training Course

Supplier Relationship Management Online Training

Live Virtual SRM Training

Virtual SRM Training

SRM Training Online

SRM Training Virtual
































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