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Online SBCC Contract Training


SBCC Course Outline

  • Background to JCT/SBCC contracts generally
  • Design and Build Suite of contracts Insurance provisions and the difference between “ liabilities” and “indemnities”
  • When should you issue Practical Completion  Certificates / Certificates of Non –Completion/ Making Good Defects Certificates/ Final Certificates
  • Payment of off- site materials and the new Contract of Purchase forms
  • Dealing with defects and maintenance periods
  • Key provisions re  other types of SBCC documents
  • Collateral warranties , third part rights and their importance
  • Payment regimes and the Construction Acts- why they have become critical
  • Workshop session covering all of the above
  • Q+A session


Course Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £250 + VAT




Online SBCC Training

Virtual Live SBCC Contract Training

Remote Access SBCC Training

SBCC online training course

SBCC Virtual training course


SBCC Contract training Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and onsite courses throughout the UK available.


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