*VIRTUAL* – Resource and Cost management in ASTA Powerproject

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Online Asta Powerproject Training

Resource and cost management in Powerproject is a one day course for those interested in labour loading a programme and working with costs and cashflow.

Topics include:

• Creating costs and exploring cost properties
• Creating cost tables
• Allocating costs to tasks in the programme
• Creating cumulative/monthly cashflow histograms
• Creating resources and exploring resource properties
• Using resource cost rates
• Creating a resource table
• Allocating resources to tasks in the programme
Creating resource histograms including over allocation histograms
• Understanding resource modelling
• Creating baselines
• Using baselines to compare budgeted costs to live costs

The day is carried out using Zoom and delegates should have Powerproject installed ready for the day

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £250 + Vat



Virtual Asta Powerproject Training

Online Asta Powerproject Training

Asta Powerproject Online Training Course

Asta Powerproject  Virtual Training course


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