*VIRTUAL* – Resilience-based decision making in infrastructure management

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Virtual Infrastructure Management Training


12:30 – 14:30 GMT, 24th April 2020



In this webinar you will learn about resilience-based decision making in infrastructure management and will be split into 2 parts. The first part of the webinar will look at vulnerability and risk-based decision making (1hr Sotirios Argyroudis) and will cover areas including fragility & vulnerability assessment, direct losses, quantification of risk for different hazards and infrastructure, The second part will look at resilience-based assessment and management (1hr, Stergios Mitoulis) and will cover areas including quantification of resilience, resilience indices, including robustness of structures, sequences of hazards, restoration strategies, and direct/indirect costs for critical infrastructure.


Dr Stergios Mitoulis is the leader of the infrastructuResilience initiative. Over the last ten years he has supervised and co-supervised seven doctoral and postdoctoral students. He has published extensively with a publication record exceeding 100 papers in leading scientific journals and international conferences. His expertise is the resilience-based design and assessment of infrastructure assets and in particular bridges subjected to extreme natural hazards, dynamic loads, hydraulic hazards, creep, shrinkage and thermal effects. He is a member of the BSI B/525/10 CEN/TC250/HG-Bridges, the BSI Mirror Group of Eurocodes and UK delegate of the BSI (CEN/TC250/SC8 Work Group 6, Bridges) for the design and retrofit of bridges, the BSI committee B/525/8 and B/538/5 and the Workgroup 11 of the EAEE. He has worked extensively on the modelling, resilient design and assessment of infrastructure assets with emphasis on bridges, foundations, abutments and backfills and use of waste materials in infrastructure. SM was and still is the Supervisor and co-supervisor of European projects, the last commenced in 2017, while has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of two KTP (Innovate UK) projects and a proof-of-concept project with Network Rail-UK on the monitoring of environmental hazards on infrastructure. SM has worked as Co-PI and researcher for another 11 research projects, relevant to bridge and networks resilience. He has editorial and reviewing responsibilities in reputed journals (more than 30). SM has served as evaluator for EU proposals and research grants within the UK (EPSRC), Canada and Latvia. He is an active consultant for industries in the UK and Belgium. He delivers seminars at consultancies and also participates in CPD activities as an official lecturer of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. He has an extensive presence in the news of leading news agencies, including the BBC.

Dr Sotiris Argyroudis is Research Fellow, at the Dpt of Civil & Environmental Eng, University of Surrey, and Senior Teaching/Research Staff at the Dpt of Civil Eng, Aristotle University. Dr Argyroudis is civil engineer and geologist. He has 17 years of research experience in the field of geotechnical and infrastructure engineering, with focus on the risk and resilience analysis of infrastructure due to geo-hazards (earthquake, flood/scour, landslides, tsunamis). He has more than 100 reports and publications in scientific journals, conference proceedings and book chapters and participated in 15 national and European research projects. He acted as a reviewer for more than 20 scientific journals and for research proposals. In 2017 he was awarded a H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. He is a member of the Working Group 13 of the EAEE on assessment, design and resilience of industrial facilities and vice-chair of the IABSE Task Group on design requirements for infrastructure resilience.

Certificate – Attendance certificates are available on request after the completion of the webinar.

​Price:  £35 + VAT

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