*VIRTUAL* – Renewable Energy Development on Brownfield Land

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Online Renewable Energy Development Training

Using brownfields for renewable energy is becoming of increasing interest as the net zero agenda moves to the centre stage.  This course introduces brownfields, highlighting the potential synergies with renewables development, together with potential liabilities and the framework for investigating and managing potential risks associated with land contamination.

Topics covered include

  • Redevelopment opportunities for renewable energy projects on brownfield land including synergies between renewables and brownfields
  • Potential liabilities associated with historic contamination – pre purchase due diligence
  • Overview of applicable legislation relating to land affected by contamination including planning requirements for developments on land affected by contamination
  • Assessing risks from historic contamination – preliminary risk assessment, conceptual site models, site investigation and risk assessment
  • Avoiding creating future liabilities by prevention, and if required clean up, of “new” contamination
  • Options for risk management and remediation

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £325 + Vat


Renewable Energy Development on Brownfield Land Virtual Training Course

Renewable Energy Development on Brownfield Land Online Training Course

Virtual Renewable Energy Development on Brownfield Land Training

Online Renewable Energy Development on Brownfield Land Training


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