*VIRTUAL* – QGIS for environmentalists

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Online QGIS for Environmentalists Training Course


  • Installing QGIS
  • Finding their way around to display and the various panel option
  • Setting up a project

Importing and working with datasets

  • The basics of coordinate reference systems
  • Adding different data types eg .shp files and raster data
  • Adding background maps
  • Importing and converting data from csv files
  • Basics of symbology (changing color and style)
  • Setting transparency on layers
  • Grouping layers in the table of contents

Creating your own shapefiles

  • Creating Point, Linear and Area Features
  • Editing shapefiles
  • Manipulating vertices

Creating Graphical Outputs

  • Using layouts to create maps
  • Manipulating features (Legend, scale, text)

As time allows (depending on the speed of the group)

  • A little Geoprocessing (Buffer, Clip)
  • Georeferencing

Duration: 1 Day (can be delivered over 2 x 1/2 Days)

Cost: £375 + Vat

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