*VIRTUAL* – Planning an Investigation

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Online Investigation Training


From the moment an investigation lands on their desk, all managers hope to deal with it as quickly as possible.

We will explore how managers can plan both efficient and thorough investigations, whether face to face, via telephone or videoconference.

Delivered live by our employment lawyers and HR professionals, our digital classroom ensures that you can still take part in practical, fun, and tailored training that feels face to face, without leaving the comfort of your desk.

Who Should Attend:

This half-day course is designed for managers, or HR professionals seeking to help guide their managers, plan and manage a thorough and legally compliant investigation remotely.

This interactive workshop casters for groups of between 6 and 10 delegates.

Course Objectives:

  • As part of an investigation, decide which witnesses you need to talk to and in what order.
  • Decide when to conclude an investigation.
  • State what is meant by ‘a genuine belief based on reasonable grounds’ – and who has to have that belief.
  • Decide whether there is ‘a case to answer’ or ‘no case to answer’.

Duration: 3.5hours

Cost: £95 + Vat

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