*VIRTUAL* – Openroads Designer Roundabout Design

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Online Openroads Designer Roundabout Design Training


This course will show you how to design a roundabout using the Openroads Designer horizontal and vertical alignment tools.
We will demonstrate how the design is carried out to the Stockdale Method of roundabout design and how to design to CD 116 Geometric Design of Roundabouts
The course will explain how to design each approach centre line so that adequate deflection is achieved and ensure that the carriageway is drained.
Once the design is complete we will show you how to add surface templates to show the pavement layers and linear templates to show the kerbing.
This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of the Microstation platform.

Duration: 1/ 2 Day

Cost: £175 + Vat


Online Openroads Designer Roundabout Design Training

Virtual Openroads Designer Roundabout Design Training

Openroads Designer Roundabout Design online training course

Openroads Designer Roundabout Design virtual training course


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