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NavisWorks Online Training

Key details

Comprehensive NavisWorks training for newcomers, teaching how to combine 3D models from cross disciplines into one scene, enabling effective review and analysis.

Sessions include:

  • Generating visual project model reviews.
  • The TimeLiner – creating construction simulations of project models to check the validity of schedules.
  • Using the Animator and Scripter features to create interactive animations.
  • Using the Presenter, adding true-to-life materials, lighting and backgrounds to project models.
  • Clash detection.

This course is ideal for new users of NavisWorks Manage or NavisWorks Simulate.

NavisWorks training is most effective when it’s provided ‘on-request’, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed’ course for your group. Rather than just teach you generic techniques, we can base the training on your project models, showing you specifically the work you need to do. For this reason, we don’t offer scheduled (public) NavisWorks courses.

Course content

Getting started with NavisWorks

  • Workspace
  • Opening and appending files
  • Saving, merging and refreshing files
  • About file types
  • Database support

Visual project model reviews

  • Navigation
  • Absolute coordinate display
  • The NavisWorks engine
  • Performance indicators
  • Selection tree and selecting objects
  • Hiding objects and overriding materials
  • Object properties
  • Measuring and moving objects
  • Selection and search sets
  • Viewpoints
  • Comments and redlining
  • Animations
  • Sectioning
  • Hyperlinks
  • Comparing models
  • Switchback
  • NavisWorks real-time rendering


  • TimeLiner overview
  • Creating tasks
  • Importing tasks from an external project file
  • TimeLiner simulation
  • Configuring and defining a simulation
  • Simulation export


  • Animator overview
  • Creating a basic animation
  • Cameras and camera viewpoints
  • Manipulate geometry objects in an animation set
  • Section plane sets
  • Controlling animation scene playback


  • Scripter overview
  • Creating and managing scripts
  • Events
  • Creating and configuring actions

Presenter basics

  • Presenter overview
  • Apply materials to model items
  • Adding lighting effects to a scene
  • Adding background effects
  • Rendering effects
  • Outputting rendered images
  • Outputting animations (videos)

Presenter advanced features

  • Editing and managing materials
  • Advanced material editing
  • Ground planes
  • Individual light effects
  • Image-based lighting
  • Environment backgrounds and reflections
  • Custom environments
  • Light scattering
  • Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC)

Clash Detection
(NavisWorks Manage only)

  • Clash Detection overview
  • Selecting items to be clashed
  • Clash test settings
  • Setting clash rules
  • Clash results
  • Clash test reporting
  • Audit checks
  • Create and save batches of clash tests
  • Export and import clash tests
  • Custom clash tests
  • Setting up custom clash tests
  • Laser scan data clashing
  • Holding and releasing objects
  • SwitchBack in clash detective
  • Time-based clashing

Duration: 2 Days



Online NavisWorks Training Course

Virtual NavisWorks Training Course

NavisWorks Online Training Course

NavisWorks Virtual Training Course

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