*VIRTUAL* – MS Excel 2016 – Level 3

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Online Microsoft Excel 2016 Training

Course Duration: 1 day


In this virtual, Instructor-Led course you use the more advanced features of Excel with advanced formulas, use Data Validation and Auditing tools along with working with PivotTables, Illustrations and Templates.

Course Aim

Enable delegates to examine the more complex components of Excel 2016 and allow for better use of the application and manipulation of data.

Target Student:  Anyone requiring a more in-depth knowledge of Excel 2016.

Prerequisites: Delegates should have attended the Excel 2016 Level 1 and/or Excel 2016 Level 2 course or have the equivalent knowledge.


  • explore ways of validating data
  • use more advanced formulas
  • use auditing tools
  • create and use PivotTables
  • save documents as templates
  • use illustrations in your spreadsheets

Data Validation

  • Number Validation
  • Data List Validation
  • Message Prompts and Alerts
  • Conditional Data Validation
  • Data Validation Errors

Advanced Formulas

  • Statistical Functions to include MAXIFS, MINIFS
  • Working with Text Functions
  • Calculating with Financial Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Database Functions

Auditing a Worksheet

  • Display formulas in worksheet cells
  • Show precedent and dependent cells
  • Finding and Resolving Errors
  • Using the Watch Window
  • Evaluating a Formula



Creating PivotTables, PivotCharts and Slicers

  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Amending the fields in a PivotTable
  • Updating the PivotTable
  • Adding Calculations to a PivotTable
  • Add Grouping to a PivotChart
  • Create a PivotChart
  • Create and use Slicers
  • Create from Tables and Related Tables
  • PivotTable Timelines
  • Create from Tables and Related Tables.
  • Work with PowerPivot Add-In

Working with Templates

  • Create a Template
  • Create a Hyperlink
  • Adding Cell Comments/Notes

Inserting Illustrations

  • SmartArt
  • Insert Images into a Spreadsheet
  • Insert Shapes into a Spreadsheet
  • Group and Layer Graphics
  • Quick Shape Formatting


Cost: £150 + Vat

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