*VIRTUAL* – Microsoft Project 2016 Introduction – 2 Day

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Virtual MS Project 2016 Training

Course Description: 

This course is designed for people who will be part of a project team or a Project Manager to enable an understanding of basic Project Management, how to plan, resource, print, report and track a project to completion.  Project Consolidation is also included in this course.


Delegates attending this course should have a basic knowledge within a Windows environment and preferably have used another Microsoft Office 2016 application i.e. Word or Excel.  A basic knowledge of Project Management would be advantageous but not essential.

 Course Objectives


  • Basics of Project Management
  • Start a Project with planning
  • Adding Tasks and Dependencies to the Plan
  • Work with Calendars and resources
  • Record Progress and Track the Plan to completion
  • Report and Print the Plan
  • Set up Project Consolidation


Course Content


Starting a Project 

Project Management basics

Navigate the Project Interface


Setting Project Objectives

Add Tasks to a Project using Manual or Auto Scheduling

Using Lag and Lead time

Splitting Tasks

Creating Milestones

Show Slack Time (Float)

Creating Task Dependencies

Using Constraints and Deadlines on tasks

Critical Tasks and The Critical Path

Save a Project

Defining Project Resources 

Adding Work, Material and Cost Project Resources

Assign Resources to Tasks

Understanding Effort Driven Tasks


Working with Project Calendars 

Types of Calendars in Project 2016

Create New Calendars and Assign to Resources

Edit Working Time

Add Calendars to the Organizer


Resolving Resource Conflicts

Find Overallocations

What can you do about it?

Resolve Resource Conflicts Automatically

Use Project Levelling

 Overview of Project 2016 Views

Task Views and Resource Views

Sheet, Graph and Form Views

Filter your Data

Group your Data

 Printing the Project Plan 

Print Project Views

Reporting in Project


Working with Costs

Displaying Costs


Reporting in Project

Dashboard Reports

Resource Reports

Cash Reports

In Progress Reports

 Tracking Progress

Setting one or more Baselines in your Plan

Recoding Progress in your Plan

Updating Actual Work

Tracking Actual Work against Actual Cost

Viewing Actual and Baseline data

Viewing Different Baselines

Clear the Baseline

Final Assessment of the Plan


Project Consolidation

Creating a Master Plan

Creating a Resource Pool

Sharing the Resource Pool with Projects

Cross Project Linking


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £325 + VAT



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