*VIRTUAL* – Microsoft 365 Planner – ½ day

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Online Microsoft 365 Planner Training Course

Course Description

In this half day course delegates will learn how to use Planner effectively.

Who is this course for: Delegates who wish to learn how to use Planner in Microsoft 365.

Delegate Requirements: Before starting this course, students should be able to do the following:

  • able to use a keyboard and mouse
  • familiar with any version of Microsoft Office
  • familiar with Internet Browsers
  • familiar with Microsoft 365


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a Plan
  • Add/Remove Members
  • Create To Do Lists, Buckets and Tasks
  • Work with Boards and Cards
  • View the status of tasks in a plan

Course Content:

All About Planner and its Benefits

What is Planner?

Integration with SharePoint

Benefits of using it

Launch Planner

Overview of Planner Interface

The Planner Hub

Pin a Plan

View my Tasks

View a Plan or Group

Create a New Plan

Create a new Public Plan

Add a Plan to an existing Group (New feature)

Create a new Private Plan

Plans within Groups Explained

Edit a Plan

Add Members to the Plan



Adding Buckets and Tasks

Create a To Do List

Add a Bucket

Add Tasks to a Bucket

Add Task Information

Move a Bucket

Rename a Bucket

Show Information within the task

Add Labels to the Task

Add a Checklist to the Task

Adding Comments to the Task

Copy, Move, Reorder Tasks

Copy Link to Task

View Overdue Tasks

Mark Task Complete

View Unscheduled Tasks

Delete a Task

Delete a Bucket

Working with Boards and Cards

View the Information in Boards

View the Information in Charts

View the Information in Schedule

Using the Group Feature

Using the Filter Feature

View the Status of Tasks in the Plan

Export Plan to Excel

Leave Plan

Delete the Plan

Planner Settings

Settings in the Hub

Settings in the Plan

Addendum – Plan Limits, Task Limits

Note: As Planner is part of Microsoft 365, its functionality will change over time.  When this happens this course outline will be updated to incorporate the new features.

Duration: 1/2 Day

Cost: £150 + Vat

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